Can I use a process camera?

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  1. I know it’s been years, but I’m wondering what your solution was for a tripod, Jim Gardner and Tony Lovell? And did you have any difficulty estimating aperture size, since the camera is not being used at its large magnifications, as intended?

    I was given a process camera a few years back, but it will need a lot of things to make it usable for pictorial use: a tripod/wheeled base/cart, for starters, and also a film changing tent specifically made for its vacuum back to allow film loading in the field (I think I could make this by repurposing a couple big film changing dark bags). It has an electronic shutter meant for controlling four big halogen floodlights with a blue filtered sensor mounted on the front standard. It used light unit increments instead of being a seconds/minutes timer. The camera has a ground glass focusing screen which became detached from the unit many years ago, but is otherwise intact.

    I’m thinking of using this camera with either the Anitec “line” film which was given to me with the camera (which I will develop so as to tame its high contrast) or with x-ray film. I had cut down a big sheet of the Anitec film to 4x5” under a red safe light, and tested it in an old Speed Graphic, about EI 3-6. Turned out decently for a first try.

    Jim & Tony: any thoughts?

    Micah in NC

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