Can I do double exposure on OM2?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by ken_wong|1, May 30, 2005.

  1. Can I do double exposure on OM2? Does OM camera has double exposure
  2. Yes. There is a switch on the right side that dis-engages the film sproket and lets you cock the shutter without advancing the film.
  3. ... and you can do it on any old style SLR Camera (without motor). Just before switching, put in slight tension the film by turning the knobble that you use to rewind the film.
  4. Yes, with the caveat that the film often does shift slightly anyway. The problem is that though the rewind release lever disengages the film wind sprocket, the takeup spool with its friction clutch will still try to wind the film on. You counteract that tendency by taking up any slack in the film with the rewind knob, and then holding it tight during shutter cocking. But my experience is that the technique is seldom entirely effective.
  5. It's a trick you get the hang of with a little practice.

    The trick is to take up the slack using the rewind knob without actually putting any tension on the film. Tension causes the film to shift slightly when the rewind knob/button is turned/pushed.

    After taking up the slack, hold the rewind knob in place with one finger to prevent the film from shifting. Then crank the film advance lever.

    Not all multiple exposures require precise alignment anyway.

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