Can I change Vivitar Series 1 lens mount?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by brian_bahn, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. I have an Olympus OM mount Series 1 Vivitar 70-210 3.5. If I buy a scrapped Nikon mount of the same lens can I disassemble the lenses and switch mounts? If so how difficult is it and is it worth it? I am not afraid to do it if it is possible(within reason), I am mechanically proficient so that part doesn't bother me. Just need to know what is involved.
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    That is a modification that will require a lot of knowledge, tools, and effort; it is not something you typically do at home. Given the low value of such old lenses, it is not worthwhile unless you are mainly interested in it as an exercise (and don't mind potentially destroying that lens in the process).
  3. Have a look here at -
  4. Dang. OK. Thanks Shun, that's the exact type of answer I was looking for.
    I need a macro lens to shoot some jewelry product shots for a friend(and because I want a macro haha) and thought this was maybe a way to get one super cheap as I just spent money on umbrellas and stands and , well, shouldn't spend anymore. LOL.
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    Well, the link Dieter provides indicates a simplier process than what I would expect. However, there seems to be all type of limitations. Since your lens is a Vivita with Olympus mount instead of a genuine Olympus lens, you need to check the limitations more thoroughly.
    But I maintain that it is not worthwhile. As I have pointed out a few times, your mount just needs to be tilted by a tiny bit, you'll have edge-to-edge sharpness issues.
    Additionally, if you are intrested in macros and don't need to focus to infinity, an adapter can be an option. Just don't expect great image quality.
  6. The used ones with the Nikon mount are 49, 119, 200, 119, 119, 68 and 52 bucks on the Bay right now.
    Here I would just buy one for 49, 52 or 68 on ebay with the Nikon mount already; then sell the Olympus variant back on the Bay.
    Thus your entire outgo is about 20 to 40 bucks worst case; with zero risk of a subtle mount issue on a 30 year old lens.
  7. Dieter, you posted just as I was posting mine so I didn't see your link before my reply. I looked at the link, interesting, but what I would pay for the parts and shipping would be the same as the 55 micro Nikkors I am considering. Thanks anyhow.
    Shun, I agree, after your explanation it's not worth it. I need to wait and purchase a macro when ready. Maybe sell the Viv but I still have an OM-1 I use occasionally so I am not sure yet.
    Thanks Guys
  8. I too was intrigued by the conversion Dieter linked to. However, Series 1 lenses are not all that rare in Olympus mounts. There a number for sale now on eBay. There are fewer completed sales, but the latter are at from under US$15 to $60--at those prices the conversion is fairly pricey.
  9. I bought a 105mm series 1 macro that works well on my D80 - no TTL metering but via estimation and histogram peeking can get some nice images. The cost a few years ago wasn't even $100 - perhaps you can find something of a similar nature that will be a lot less headache.
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    BTW, under that Leitax link, there is this statement:
    For my calculations, all the lenses checked in my instructions will not hit the mirror of a Nikon full frame camera​
    In other words, if you don't follow the exact instructoins or if there is any new Nikon SLR with somewhat different spacs, potentially a modified lens could obstruct the movement of the mirror. Therefore, while it probably won't happen, you could damage your camera by using a lens modified that way.
    And they cannot support the auto aperture diaphragm feature; even with Nikon SLRs with the aperture follower tab (D300, D700, D2, D3 ..., F5, F6 ...), you are still stuck with stop down metering.
    I don't think it is a good idea at all to go down that route.

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