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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by david_henderson, Dec 16, 2016.

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    When I first had a website built maybe 15 years ago I paid for the right to use my domain. Every three years approx. I get a series of emails telling me its time to renew; I call them end up paying c$33 per year for ongoing rights. They do nothing else for me- the site is built and hosted elsewhere; in the UK in fact
    Question is, do I have to renew with, or am I free to change to a cheaper supplier? If I can, is it easy- there's a limit to what I'm prepared to do to save a proportion of $33 a year?
  2. Yes, you can transfer your domain to different registrar. Its pretty painless, but you'll need to make sure that you've got
    your name servers set up correctly. If your current web host is providing DNS, you'll need to make sure that the new
    registrar tells the world to look to them for authoritative DNS on your domain. If your current registrar is providing DNS,
    then you'll need to have the new registrar do the instead - and you'll have to be sure that your current DNS settings are
    preserved when you set up shop at the new registrar. Are you handling any email or other services under that domain?
    There can be other moving parts that way.
  3. Be warned, do not use Godaddy for any services. I used to work here. Their organization has gone from friendly customer based service to profit driven outsourcing.
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    I use GoDaddy for a WordPress site. The support has been outstanding, even helping with issues that have nothing to do with GoDaddy. On the other hand, I host several domains with FatCow, who went from great support to outsourced support that makes me wait for the simplest questions.
  5. I'd be uncomfortable using a registrar that wasn't profit driven. I want them to remain healthy and make money instead of barely getting by - because that's when they cut corners on back end security, are unable to weather DDoS attacks, etc.

    As with Jeff, I use GoDaddy for quite a few things. I administer hundreds of domains that are registered through them, and use their authoritative DNS and SSL services for some of them. Have never had a problem, and all support is usually self-service stuff through their customer service portal. Most people who need support from a registrar are just in over their heads anyway, and should have a consultant evaluate what they need and help them through at least the initial migration if not the ongoing care and feeding of the system.
  6. What's the problem with the one you have? Domain Name registars do two simple things, keep your domain name yours and point to the domain name host, connecting the name and IP address. Usually you use an intermediary to the registar. You can change the intermediary but not the registar (Tucows Domains Inc in my case). I use Dotster as the intermediary to keep my DNS updated with domain name host and owner information. I pay $75 for 5 year extensions and keep the information correct.

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