Can Canon 420EZ be used with Bronica ETRS?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by ron_hughes, Apr 14, 1998.

  1. Having recently bought a Bronica ETRS, I'm wondering if I'll need to purchase another flash unit, or whether I'll be able to use my Speedlite (I use a Canon 420EZ with an EOS 630). I'm used to relying on the automatic coupling between my Speedlite and EOS. Presumably I'll need some kind of bracket, fitted with a hotshoe, to support the Speedlite and cable to link it to the ETRS. I use a Gossen Profisix with my ETRS, which does not provide flash metering. Is there a book available that covers this sort of practical problem, specifically for people like me who are starting out in medium format but who already have some kowledge of photography using auto-everything 35mm (eg a good book on medium format technique)?
  2. Ron, the best book I've seen is 'The Medium Format Advantage' by Ernst Wildi. This covers a lot about MF, as well as general photography techniques, with an MF emphasis. Ernst is also author of 'The Hasselblad Manual', and is a 6x6 devotee (so you should be right at home). 'The Hasselblad Manual' is basically the same book, but with a lot of great Hassy info added (I have both books, but only noticed the resembalance after I'd read them. I don't own a Hassy, but the Hassy data is still worth having).
    As for the flash - there's a thread currently running on, which is basically the same question (Nikon flash on Fuji 645). I think if you form a connection between Canon and Bronica using the centre 'hot' terminal of the flash and surrounding 'ground' it should work, although with no TTL. The Wildi book provides flash information, but you could find 100% manual flash a pain. Check out the Vivitar auto flash guns for slightly more 'smarts' (they have a built in flash sensor), or look at the more complex (and expensive) Metz guns which have adaptors allowing them to provide fuller functionality with a range of cameras.
  3. Oops - some brain short circuit said Bronica=6x6 - which of course the ETRS is not! Ernst Wildi provides a lot of good reasons for 6x6, which you may or may not agree with (I shoot 6x7 for reasons best known to myself) - but 6x6 vs everything else is an entirely different flame war! The book is equally appropriate whatever format you use.


    Yours openmindedly, Andrew Booth
  4. Many thanks for the info. I've ordered a copy of the book from Amazon.


    Meanwhile, I've discovered that the Speedlite has a manual mode (which I hadn't noticed before, as I've always just stuck it on my EOS and fired away - the flash defaults to auto mode when switched on) in which it is possible to vary the light output.


    The Speedlite manual doesn't help much as it assumes it will be used with an EOS, irrespective of whether in auto or manual modes. I'm not sure quite how things will work out, but hopefully the book will help - otherwise I suppose I can always resort to experimentation! Failing that I might have to invest in another flash unit.


    If anyone out there has any experience in using a Speedlite with a Bronica, I'd be delighted to hear from you ...
  5. I had a Bronica ETRS and could not get the 540EZ to slide onto the shoe mount. Those spring loaded pins on the 540EZ would not allow the flash to go all the way. However, my friend was able to mount his sunpack. He said he was able to keep the pins down with a screwdriver, then when the flash was in onto the hotshoe, he was able to use it in a manual mode. Good luck!
  6. If you haven't already burned up your Canon 420EZ, then take a hint from someone who has witness this senseless act of destruction. Don't do it. Sure, you can "make" this work and it may work everytime, but then one day you'll put these two together and hear a "szzzt!" And see small whiff of blue smoke coming from your flash and camera.
    One of them will not work again.
    Spend the $80 for a new Vivitar 283 ($50 used)or a Sunpak 383. It's a better combination and will give you great peice of mind.
    (P.S. Do not use the Vivitar or the Sunpak with the 630!! There is a strong chance that YOU WILL short out your camera! So says Canon and I agree with them.)

    Marcus J.

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