Can anyone suggest a free photo resizer?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by bill_george|1, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for a program to resize photos ------ the pefect tool would be (1) stand alone, (2) easy to use, (3) either free or inexpensive, and (4) batch processing would be nice.
  3. PIXresizer is a handy little (free) utility that can batch resize an entire folder, or individual photos.
  4. I second irfanvew, works great and does batch processing very well.
  5. I like Irfanview, but I'd also suggest the FastStone image-viewer:
  6. Bill, "GIMP" (a graphics editor originally released for linux, but now available for windows as well) is fast, easy to use (once you're used to the interface, which is rather different from Photosohp), and completely free. It is my preferred photo editor now, after many years of Photoshop. It doesn't support batch resizing, as far as I know, but it does advanced editing. And it can also replace Photoshop and the expensive upgrades, which is very very nice IMO.
  7. Picasa, by Google
  8. Have a look also at ACDSee, primarily an image viewer program, with quite a few extra tools. It's not free though: creeping up, a little over $100 Canadian now I think. I prefer ver 5.0 (ancient): runs quicker, has some little features that were actually stripped out in later, "improved" versions...
    Batch resize (and a lot of other batch functions: rename, rotate, convert, contact sheet, slide show) are very simple: select files in the Windows Explorer type interface, start the resize function, set up parameters as you like, for resize and destination of the resized files, and start it going. It resizes at around one file every 2~3 seconds. Photoshop can do a bit better job, with bicubic sharper option, but for quick and convenient, it's quite good.
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    I've been using Faststone, and it batch resizes just fine , but ( and its a big but) I can't seem to find a way to prevent it stripping out embedded colour profiles whilst its doing it. What's more requests to their help email don't get an answer. So I'd use something else- looking briefly at the Irfanview site gives the impression that it supports colour management with the aid of a plug-in.
    The best/easiest I've found is the "Export" mechanism in Lightroom.
  10. vso_image resizer 3
  11. The GIMP, at least in Linux, supports batch processing, although not like in Photoshop, that is: you can apply a set of operations to a number of files, but these operations cannot be freely edited like in PS actions.
    You can resize, blur, crop, color correct, ... even rename files.
    You may find it in "Filter > Batch > Batch process".
    Since this is an script plugin, this should be available to Windows also. It comes with 2.6.7, and probably earlier versions of The GIMP.

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