Can anyone ID this camera?

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  1. Only brand name is Argus, on the lens. Any idea of approximate age, value, etc? Thanks. 170207_9044.jpg
  2. Argus C. The rangefinder is not coupled to the lens, which was added in the later (very similar) C-2 and C-3 camera. The C was only made from 1938-1939.

    While it probably is rarer than the C-2 and C-3, it was very much a "mass produced" camera. One sold recently for $39.99 on eBay (Buy-it-Now price).
  3. Looks to me as 1938 Argus Model C...

    Can't verify that the info below is accurate....apply at your own risk.

    "The series began in 1938 with the Argus C, equipped with a rangefinder which was not coupled to the lens. Focusing a C is a two step process, first finding the distance using the built-in range finder, then focusing the lens by rotating it until a scale on the side matches the distance given by the range finder.Very early in 1938 the Argus production C cameras had high and low range shutter speeds marked on the speed dial, with a separate switch to select the desired speed range. The high/low speed selector was soon deleted from production, and speeds controlled by the rotary dial with 10 marked speeds. The C was replaced within just a few months by the C2, with a geared coupling between the range finder and the lens, greatly accelerating focusing and making the camera much more convenient to use. Finally, in 1939 the C3 was introduced, with electrical plugs on the cameras left side for a battery-powered flash, synchronized to the shutter. "

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    The value according to McKeown's Price guide:...

    With olive drab body = $80 - 120...

    With speed range select switch = $250 - 400...

    Without speed range select switch, as in C2 = $30 - 45 ,
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