Can an 6x12 Horseman VF fit a Gaoersi 6x12 ?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by fredscal, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hello all.
    I'm presently considering selling my Horseman SW612P kit and buying a Gaoersi 6x12 or 6x17 instead, because i'm only using the format occasionally and I would get some money back in the exchange. Does anyone have experience with those Gaoersi cameras ? Are they good enough in terms of image quality ?
    I have 2 specific questions:
    1) I've read that the Gaoersi viewfinders are not very accurate. Since i've had a Fotoman kit before, I know i hate working with an inaccurate (or rather highly parallaxed) viewfinder. So I wonder whether my Horseman VF would accurately fit a Gaoersi panormic camera ?
    2) Is there a way to go wider than 75mm on the Gaoersi 6x17?
    Thanks for any insight :)
  2. I made a post on the apug forum about my gaoersi 6x12 experience...
    here is a link to the post.

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