Can’t f’ing believe this. WT..... can I do

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    You could always have them bronzed - like they used to do with baby shoes - make a nice display piece. :eek: Actually, I still have a pair that I opened to adjust position of one of the prisms after someone dropped them. Not all that complicated and they work fine, but those were made in Japan at least 60 years ago.
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  2. We are only rich in relation to her. She is literally dirt poor and we do not need her but she needs help and we are a little lazy. I do not have the heart to tell her what she did andif we were wealthy I would go and purchase another better and not worry about it.
  3. Actually I don't blame her much for washing it. I would put the fault on you for hiring a cleaning lady.
  4. Why don't you just tell us what your problem is and be on your way
  5. To answer your question, you can not do anything now. It's too late. What you could have done was not to hire a cleaning lady.
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    yeah right! we gotta blame somebody! so dont whimp out on us.


    So Happy Its Thursday.
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  7. Run ‘em through again with Cascade!
    It has Fluorosheen!
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    No, No, No - Lemi Shine products - their benefit statement - dishes so clean "You can eat off them"! True! Glassware glitters.
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    And if not paid, where would she be - or anyone who is a few dollars away from living on the the street. People employ people, they work and earn a salary. Way of the world.

    (Something strange going on - there were two identical posts, I deleted one, then there were none - go figure.)
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  10. I like your sense of humor
    and she works her ass of. Insists on doing more then we expect. She WORKS HARD which is more than I can say about people who are content on being part of multiple generations of the safety net. We are going to keep her! Just have to give her a little more direction. We are gOing to keep her. So much for not hiring her regardless of setbacks. My dog chewed my power cord did we make a mistake when we got him? Time for some to go on their way. I asked about advice on how to recover my binoculars not who I should employ. Maybe we are sending the wrong people back to Mexico. Keep the ones who are willing to work.
  11. Many years ago I was a competitive bowler. The time came when equipment manufacturers started using reactive resins on the surface of their bowling balls. The idea was that the reactive resins in the surface would absorb the oil on the lanes, but unfortunately, the ball became ladened with oil and conditioners. What I had to do in order to pull the oil out was to get a extra clean, empty five gallon plastic bucket and fill it half way with quality cat litter. No joke, true story, then I placed the ball in the bucket and then filled the bucket all the way with the rest of the cat litter. I left the ball in there for minimum of five days and after that time, used the ball and it was outstanding. The clay in the litter is very strong and will prevent any fungal spores from getting a head start on you. Hope this helps,

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  12. ?8
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    Mr Miller.
    You housekeeper had nothing to do with the binos in the dishwasher.
    It was your dog. If you never bought the lamp none of this would have happened
    because the lamp "job" was to build trust. You probably are too duped by the conspiracy of Pinks ,
    so I am telling you something else ...the dog was getting his instructions from the Illuminati.
    There's no prob with "Bob".
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  14. No I should not have bought a dishwasher. Power chord was to my computer which is worse.
  15. I am really late on this one. I've repaired more than a couple pair's of bino's

    First remove/unscrew the large stack of both sets of element assemblies. The eyepiece assemblies require a screwdriver to detach the eye cups from the focusing screw.

    Leave the prism's alone. Once dissembled, if the prisms are foggy, rinse them with water or rubbing alcohol & let them dry. If you mess with the prism's set screws, you are in for a task, near impossible/

    Most of the elements in bino's are stacked with spacers. If you have the right kind of spanner wrench, just dissemble, wipe the elements clean & really take note of how the spacers are located. You may also have to remember how many turns you have made with your wrench so when you reassemble you get the depth set properly.

    The eyepieces usually only have 2-3 elements. (I have never encountered elements that were compound or glued together.)

    I have never purchased a new pair of binoculars. Thrift shops, yard sales are a plenty for finding horrible to excellent sets of bino's. Bushnells are a bit rare, but I have an excellent pair of wide angle Tasco's & a small set of Zeiss pocket size.

    Be Happy. (Just think if it was a pair of new/expensive, optical stable, battery powered ones!)
  16. Great. Just in time. A friend of mine who has a talent for this and enjoys this stuff wants to take a shot at it and we are going to tackle this tomorrow. He is very intuitive and you advice will be invaluable
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    paul ron NYC

    ok donald... did you fix the binocs yet or fire the dishwasher?

    oops just got the new post.

    let us know how sugery goes?

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  18. Be glad it was not your digital camera.
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