Can’t f’ing believe this. WT..... can I do

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  1. 1884FF60-11A1-447C-8C9A-1DAADDD6A49D.jpeg F689B144-B3F2-4675-9F37-0C227FEE7A2F.jpeg ED45212C-BBC4-4C2E-91E7-1F7A734A6F9F.jpeg Yes, I know the difference between a pair of binoculars and a camera. My father in law passed away recently and one of the things that I received. Was a set of binoculars that I purchased for him in 1975 for $150. Looking at them now they are one of the best pairs I have among my other binoculars. They are Japanese with the numbers J000 and B133. They were pretty dusty on the out side but clear as a bell.
    HERE IS THE PROBLEM. I told my wife do not touch them and that was fine. We have a cleaning lady once a month more to help her then us but she is thorough and immaculate to a tee but sometimes doesn’t seem to understand certain things. Bless her heart. SHE RAN MY PRECIOUS BINOCULARS THROUGH THE DISHWASHER!!! There is water encased between the elements. I have partially disassembled some of it but some elements defy any thing i have tried to acces the cater filled compartments. Do not ask how the water got there since they appear well sealed. I could probably evaporate the water but I am sure there will be soap residue left and streaks. I am also concerned that this will encourage molds. Any one with any experience, insight or innovative ideas.

    I feel like strangling her but being challenged as she is what purpose would it serve. She meant well and can never t pay her own rent and would be devasted so to say any thing to her is like punching whipped cream so I will just have to eat it.
    But really, binoculars in a dishwasher?.
  2. I hope your dog doesn't need a bath.
  3. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Water & Heat. If they are to be saved, which may be impossible, I'm pretty sure professional services will be required. Good Luck!
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  4. This is your fault, I have a roomful of people who cannot get off the floor they are laughing so hard LOL
  5. Well I was thinking of evaporation but was concerned about the coatings but after what has been done already if it was an issue it probably is not anymore. I laid the parts that I could simply screw off in front of the heat vent. No water comes out freely how did that much enter in the first place?
  6. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    If you search drying wet binoculars there are a variety of answers - also submerged cell phones - how about this one? 30 Minute Wet Phone Repair
  7. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... this qualifies for a
    "Too Stupid to Live" award...
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  8. I'm racking my brains to think of solutions. Let's see - water got in the elements so see what you do with compressed air to blow it out. Perhaps leaving them out in the Sun for a few days. What about searching for new or used elements ?
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  9. Trying the rice route. I tried blowing into it from all angles and no sign of any exiting air. New elements? For the ti e and expense if I find any maybe just buy another pair on eBay. It is they just will not. Be the one I had which was soooo nice.
  10. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    did you open the prisms? taking them appart is easy... putting them back together to align the exit pupil properly is where it all turns to crap.

    i wish you well. i treasure old binocs over a brand new pair.

    btw lens coatings are very tough. i tried removing coatings n the only thing that worked was battery acid.

    btw this makes a great camp fire story. hahahahahaga dish washer! omfg!
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  11. prisms I do not liker to touch
    prisms I do like to touch except as a last resort when all is lost. no such thing as a good job, it is either right or wrong.
  12. Dried rice in a 5 gallon bucket.
    Bury the binoculars in it.
    Check daily.
  13. jakenan

    jakenan Guest

    Your story reminds me of a guy I knew in school. His name was Melvin Winkles he had a pair of wire rimmed shatter proof glasses. The school bully threw a medicin ball at him in gym class and it hit his glasses so hard they embedded into his head. Unfortunately, his parents couldn't afford to have the glasses surgically removed until he was older and thankfully his prescription never changed. Whenever he was really sad and cried the space between his glasses and eyes would fill with water. The sun's heat evaporated the tears after a while. Maybe the sun's heat can help you too ?
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  14. Thanks everyone. I tried the rice and the obvious water is gone but they still lack clarity. I think it will be a lost cause but I leave it pack in white Carolina rice a few more days. How ever Chuck999 did start me thinking washing the dog.JPG
  15. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    A friend of mine, who suffers from cats, once mislaid one. She spent all day searching for it, and eventually discovered it curled up in the microwave, fast asleep - uncooked.
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  16. I would think there is a film of soap in there. These should be sealed but obviously they have been compromised so what more damage if I drill 2 small hole and rinse it so to say
  17. On a long shot I would try putting the binoculars in front of a gently blowing heat register (65-70 degrees F) for 24 hours. I did this with my Nikon D750, 24-120mm lens and cell phone after I fell through the ice in Lake Superior last winter and it worked. The camera body was dead, the lens and phone both had condensation inside. All three items are working fine seven months later. Worth a try, doesn't cost anything.
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  18. I agree it is worth a try and iwill try that. This difference here is that everything posted above appears to be fresh water and this had dishwashing detergent which I am afraid gets left behind. But it is getting quite cool on so we are using the heat.
  19. Your problem is that you're too rich so you can afford hiring the cleaning lady.
  20. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    If its still not working out for ya... open up the prisms n whatever, clean the entire thing out?
    At this point you have nothing to lose and it may turn out to be a valuable education.
    Cant break whats already broken.
    worst case.... it goes in the archives.
    Best case... it works out fine.
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