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  1. I did a search in this site for this Leica repair outfit in the UK but nothing came up. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with them and Leica repairs and CLA. Thank you.
  2. I've had a Leica IIIc-syn rebuilt and painted by them. Alan does good work, but there is a waiting list of a few months these days I think.

  3. "Waiting list of a few months"? I sent three lenses to a very trusted Leica tech in the U.S. about four years ago and it took almost a year and a half to get them back. This is the reason for my inquiry. I want to see if there are faster alternatives.
  4. I see.
    Your best shot would be to call/email them. They'll give you an estimate. I've only read that their waiting list is longer these days.

    When they did my Leica, I recall I waited about a month before I got an update from their system. Alan contacted me a few times with updates and if I wanted to have this or that done while they were at it.

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