Cameras - video mode, do they continously focus?

Discussion in 'Beginner Questions' started by raymondc, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Hi, I am just playing around with the video mode casually. Do any cameras esp the smaller mirrorless cameras that continuously autofocus?

    I just have my D600 which I use it mostly for still photo's, after a few years it's my first time using video on it. With casual video work, any that continually autofocus because when the person walks around then they are out of focus right or if a person holds a piece of paper in front of the camera. Do we always have to press the focus button or manually focus the lens.

  2. The problem with auto-focus is that you are allowing the camera to dictate what should be in focus....vs you (as operator) to determine what subject should be in focus. The resulting images/video will be up to you.

  3. A camera will do as you set it. Continuous AF is probably still not up to Hollywood's demands. According to reviews I am recalling Canon will beat Nikon's video AF in the big SLR world. For small mirrorless take a look at Panasonic's offerings. Fuji's X-T2 might be almost OK too? - I'm not into video myself.

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