Camera view distorted..please help identify problem

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  1. I turned my Nikon 5700 on to take pictures of family on Thanksgiving and this is what I got..I do not know why my camera is not operating correctly..Can anyone here help me to diagnose the problem..Many thanks in advance for your time.
  2. I don't own this camera and I am not familiar with it, but the EXIF data from your shot claims that you had an exposure time of 1 sec. Make sure you are in the "p" mode and take a few more shots, see if things are better.
  3. That's one of the most beautiful problems I've ever seen. If you figure this out, you might want to file a patent on the anomily. Move over Lensbabies.
  4. The shutter speed was 1 second and the flash did not fire. So this looks like it was caused by camera movement. The easiest remedy would be to make the flash fire. Putting the camera on a tripod would help as well.
  5. The picture you posted reminds me of one I saw in a magazine. A guy named Farrell Eaves dropped his camera into the river and when the camera was fished out and dried. It took pictures that look similar to yours.

    He has a website about his magic camera at:
  6. This looks like the sensor failure which Michael mentioned. I have a Minolta that was affected in exactly the same way.
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    I double checked the EXIF data. As Mary D. pointed out, this was a 1 second time exposure. If it was shot hand held, that pretty much explains it. You had a serious camera shake problem.
  8. I agree with Michael Schrag. Looks like an inadvertent long exposure with some camera
    movement thrown in.

    So it would be interesting if Christy would report back her findings when she's tried a few
    more exposures while paying special attention to the settings.
  9. Shun, the camera (according to EXIF data) was in Auto mode, 8.9mm. It would have to been under extreme low light for a 1s/f2.8 exposure to occur if the camera was function properly. On the other hand, if this was shot under normal lighting, a (possible) loose (or defective) sensor could have contributed to its inability to meter and image properly. The posted sample also doesn't have the normally expected appearance of motion blur.
  10. ShunCheung

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    Since Christy has not described the shooting condition, we can only guess. I cannot at all make out what the subject matter is. But if the same problem persists when used outdoors under daylight, it would clearly be a malfunction.
  11. This is Nikon's service notice on the subject. Contact your national distributor to arrange for repair.

    "Notice for COOLPIX SQ, COOLPIX 3100 and COOLPIX 5700 customers

    It has come to our attention that electronic components related to imaging in some COOLPIX cameras may, on rare occasions, fail. Should you experience this problem with your COOLPIX SQ, COOLPIX 3100 or COOLPIX 5700 camera, Nikon will replace the associated components free of charge even if the camera’s warranty has already expired. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have suffered because of this problem. To check if your camera has failed due this reason, please read the symptom description, below.

    How can I identify if my camera is faulty?
    Images displayed on the monitor, in both shooting preview and post-recording playback exhibit one of the following:
    - Images exhibit a strong colour tint.
    - Images are totally black.
    - Images appear corrupted.
    - Images contain vertical lines or bands.
    - Images contain horizontal lines or bands."
  12. Christy here.....It sounds like the info given about the electronic components related to imaging problem with this model of camera may be the problem because I see the distortion in the viewfinder even before the photo is shot.* months after I purchased the camera the built in flash stopped working. Since I could still take pictures without the flash I had not sent the camera away to be fixed due to cost, you see, the store that we bought the camera from in NY never sent teh 5 year extended warranty. They stated that it would be sent 30-90 days after I got the camera and after repeatedc phone calls and rude customer service, including them saying to me "I am going to hang up now" then they did and I have also sent letters asking for teh warranty but now almost 2 years after the purchase , still no warranty . If anyone has any info as to how I can get that camera store to send it to me I would be grateful.

    One more question, could the malfunction possibly be due to a magnetic interference?

    I am just guessing..

    Thanks so much for your time.
  13. PS on the above post...I could only get teh camera to shoot in User Setting 3 and it was on a tripod. It seemed taht there is a problem switching to different user settings as well.. the day before the camera was working fine except of course for the internal flash not working at all.. and that stopped working 8 months after the purchase..

  14. Atention Chris Vincent..Is there a link where I can see the service notice that you mentioned about this camera?
  15. Christy:

    Click on the Coolpix link on this page:*4zeuni&p_accessibility=0&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPSZwX3NvcnRfYnk9JnBfZ3JpZHNvcnQ9JnBfcm93X2NudD0yMTUmcF9wcm9kcz0xLDImcF9jYXRzPX5hbnl_JnBfcHY9Mi4yJnBfY3Y9MS5_YW55fiZwX3NlYXJjaF90eXBlPWFuc3dlcnMuc2VhcmNoX25sJnBfcGFnZT0x&p_li=&p_topview=1
  16. On the Nikon Europe website go to customer services and search on Coolpix 5700. The advisory note is in the list. I don't know the equivalent in the US but you could copy and paste the info and email to the US service dept. My Minolta compact had the same fault with the same Sony sensor.

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