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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dave_makin, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Hello all, I am traveling to Los Angles (well, staying in Orange County) late
    September. I want to pickup a couple of Nikon Lenses.

    Any tips on large Camera stores that carry stock ? Orange County area is good,
    but I am prepared to travel up to LA

    Thanks all
  2. in OC there are,

    Calumet, Samy's and Pro Photo Connection. In LA there are more too. There's a Samy's up there, and Sunset photo (i think they are still around), and some more in long beach and south bay areas.

    the three in OC are within ten minutes of each other, and they all rent gear too. Samy's probably has the most gear in the store (overall), but they are all very well stocked with nikon glass. Pro photo even has some used stuff too.
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    Bel Air Camera seems to be pretty good. They are in Westwood, not far from the UCLA campus, but that is not in Orange County, though:
  4., Hooper Camera, Woodland Hills Camera - all far west walley area.
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    Since Dave is from Australia, just to clarify, Westwood/UCLA is to the north west of Orange County where Disneyland is. Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, etc. are in the San Fernando Valley, which is further north-west from Westwood.
  6. There's also Bill's Camera in Huntington Beach:

    They do rent equipment but I don't see it mentioned on their website.
  7. Belair was always one that I liked to deal. There was also Del's that was a very good guy but he ended his store some years before. But I know for someone who is not living in greater L.A. area the distance from OC seems like much bigger than to one who is become accustomed to it. If you know what lenses you want it may be good to ask by e-mail from Samys or Calumet or Prophoto just before you come, if they have those lenses. Then you will know if you need to drive away to some other stores or not.
  8. all three (oc stores) have a host of nikon lenses. but i would email too to make sure. but yo can check them all out (the stores) within a fifteen minute drive of one another, and they are all within ten minutes of john wayne airport. pro photo is less than a mile from the airport.
  9. cal's has really gone downhill in the last decade. calumet and sam'y would probably be best, as far as if something goes wrong. calumet is nation(even world)wide, and have a great return policy that could be utilized ib case of problems. so does samy's. pro photo and cal's are local outfits.

    cal's is off the beaten path compared to the other three as well.
  10. I've always found Cal's a fun place to visit and the staff to be knowledgeable and helpful. As to their location, you'd have to be pretty transportation-challenged to have trouble finding them.
  11. finding them isn't a problem, but the other three are within a four mile radius of each other. and you don't have to deal with newport blvd ;=)
  12. While I live in Orange, I typically buy newly introduced and harder to find Nikon equipment and accessories at Paul's Photo in Torrance. They have a good selection of used equipment also.
  13. you don't know where calumet is? you guys are really bombarding this poor guy with stores. he said he was going to be in OC, and there are three (or four if you want to consider cal's) GREAT stores in OC. all of which stock multitudes of nikon glass.

    to you, michael, i would ask why you would drive all the way to paul's if you live in oc? paul's is quaint and all, but they don't stock anything that either samy's or calumnet don't. in fact, they'd probably have less.

    if you are one of those guys who just likes an older worn-in place, then that's fine, but you live near all those other stores. two of which you could deal with on a national basis for returns and what not.

    have you not been to pro photo? kornel is the best camera store owner i have ever met. he's even opened his doors for me on a sunday, when i was on a hell-bent mission to find some HIE film. he's a really cool guy, and his staff are always helpful.
  14. Dave, there is no doubt that Pro Photo is a good store but it caters to pros and most of the used equipment is "really" used. Sometimes I'm looking for hard to find accessories and the stores that have been around awhile may have a larger supply of odds and ends than stores like Samy's in South Coast Plaza which is only a few years old. I also was adding another option to the previous suggestions.
  15. To everyone who responded to my question, many thanks for taking the time, it is much appreciated.Kind Regards, Dave

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