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  1. I am seriously considering a wholesale switch to mirrorless from Pentax DSLRs. I have dabbled in mirrorless with the Pentax K-01 and the Fuji X-E1. Both were sold on, but I think a mirrorless camera with both an EVF and a tilt screen would suit me perfectly. So in my price range that means a Fuji X-T1 or maybe Olympus OMD EM5/10, or even a Panasonic GX85.

    But I am thrown off by the size of cameras.

    Of course everybody is different, but of these only the Fuji X-T1 is really comfortable in my hand.

    I am REALLY not trolling, I honestly want to know — do people find the Olympus EM5/10 series comfortable? It’s shockingly small in the hands, in a way that seems toy like. The controls are tiny. Based on the reviews and pictures, I should LOVE these cameras, but in the hand they seem to be shrunken down to 60% of what they should be. If you use and love the Olympus, is it in spite of the size? Or because of it?
  2. When I got my XT10 they were throwing in the grip (Xmas Special). It makes all the difference in the world, very comfortable. It would be way too small without it. Maybe not the best setup for really heavy lenses. I came from a Nikon D300 which seems huge to me now. I have some Panasonic lenses and have been looking at the OMD EM5 Mk2 so I would be interested answers you get.
  3. Fuji mirrorless ergonomics can easily be customized to suit hand size. My somewhat awkward X100T was greatly improved with a Fuji grip. The X-T1 is superb with the battery grip. Have to add that the X-T1 is now heavily discounted and likely won't be around new for much longer. The 16mp X-Trans II sensor punches way above its weight and won't embarrass you.
  4. I find the EM-5 to feel just fine in my hand, though I don't use lenses heavier than the Oly 12-40 F2.8. I do not have any complaints with respect to controls, wheels, buttons, ect. IMHO, the greater learning curve is getting used to an EVF, vs an OVF, but of course EVFs are much improved compared with my 1st generation EM-5. FYI, I still own and use a Canon 5D and a couple of "L" lenses.
  5. only you know the best size camera for you hands, with large telephotos you need to hold lens more than the camera
  6. Be sure and budget for some backup batteries, these mirrorless cameras eat em up.
  7. Too small is, indeed, possible. It's an individual thing.
  8. I found the Canon M cameras too small for a "serious" system, so I know what you mean, but to me the Sony FF and the Olympus OMDs feel great in the hand, and this is improved by the addition of an extra grip: particularly with the Olympus. The Fuji XT2/Pro2 are bigger and feel good to me too. If you want to keep a mirrorless kit size down then you need to consider that the body is only one component, and think more about the lens sizes, which are much more dependent on the format size.
  9. The XT-1 fits well in my hands and better with the arca type quick release base that gives the little finger a better reach. The Fuji's have never suffered from ergonomic deficits here on social media from what I've seen, but surly someone out there has monster hands in such case has more than one Fuji issue, but there's so much more to the decision precess obviously. In my view Fuji means mirrorless as their build quality and versatile features make Photography more comprehensive and creative. It's important that a camera feels comfortable size wise in the hands, but its more than that, weight, density, solidity, access to controls; Fuji is all over it.
  10. XT-1 and X-T2 user here who added L-brackets to both. Increased the size just enough for me, and makes both much easier to hold and manipulate the controls.

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