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  1. I hate packing camera gear...
    580EX II Flash
    Small (6") Tripod
    Monopod? Not sure if I should bother...
    Lens choices:
    24-70L f/2.8
    24-105L f/4
    70-200L f/2.8
    1.4 Extender for above
    I go back and forth with the flash, large park with decent lighting and a 2.8 lens, could be good. The reach of the 105 has me thinking otherwise though and of course the IS is there. Then there is the dilemna of whether to stand out in the crowd with the monster 70-200.
    Anyone traversed a few days at Disney and have a setup that doesnt require a sherpa to carry for you?
  2. So, your main goal of going to Disneyworld is taking pictures? Based on your gear list, that's what it looks like.
    I assume you will bring your family - you probably want to go on the various rides and enjoy your time with the family? Seriously, I would take a small camera, that you can throw in a backpack and be done with. Maybe take the 5D for the evening parade, but that's really it. Otherwise you will spend all the time worrying about your gear.
  3. I would take the 24-70 and leave the other lenses at home. I only needed flash inside the castle and at the bippidi boppiti boop hair solon. I don't believe tripods are allowed. The only need I see for the 70-200 is for the safari ride at Animal Kingdom but that is a big lens to carry arround for only a few shots - I left mine at home. Bring a good bag, I used the slingshot from Lowepro and was very comfortable. Keep in mind that security inspects your bags before entering the park, the more gear you bring the more time spent at the front gate and not inside the park. Spend time with the family and not fiddling with so much gear. You will get great shots with the 5D and the 24-70 and flash if going inside the castle.
  4. I have some of the same gear you have...
    ... but I doubt I'd take it to Disneyworld. I have several reasons for saying this - and yes, I've been to D-world and D-land.
    First, its about fun more than doing photography. Second, you may well get wet, etc. on some of the rides.
    If you _must_ take the 5D, go with just the 24-105 perhaps.
  5. Take a drebel and a kit lens if you have it (what I took), or a P&S (what my wife took). DisneyWorld is more for fun than photographic works of art.
    Otherwise the 5D and 24-105 f4L. Forget the tripod or monopod, except if you want to shoot the evening fireworks. The fireworks are actually very good and would be the one reason to carry support.
  6. Leave the long lenses and tripod at home. There's plenty of opportunities for the 24-70. You will be in the parks all day, and likely a good bit of the night, so think in terms of how much weight you want to carry. When my wife and I went a few years back, the first day I took a xTi and a 70-300 IS USM, and I was continually trying to put some distance between me and the subject. I did get some great shots, but I missed a bunch too because the action was closer. If I was going today, I'd take the xTi and the 24-70.
  7. I left the dSLR at home and took a PowerShot and table top tripod for the fireworks and group shots. I have the Ultrapod but the Gorillapod may work even nicer since you can wrap it around fences and the like. I did miss my XT when I was able to get out by myself early in the morning to take sunrises, so if you do take the 5D, I agree with others and suggest the 24-105.
  8. Just got back from disney a month ago, and I took my D80, 18-70, 70-300, 50. I had them packed into a Lowepro Offroad, and I did go on most of the rides. (with only a slight panick during the loop on rock-n-roller coaster)
    If you go on the safari at AK the long lens/teleconverter will certainly be appreciated.
    The next trip to Disney I will take a full size tripod (leave in a locker for the day and retrieve at night), and I would want to have more of a wide angle.
    The photo forums at DISboards are quite full with disney photo related stuff.
  9. If this is primarily a pleasure trip with kids, I would seriously consider just taking a point and shoot.
    The days are long, lots of walking, lines, rides, bustling people and you will be probably be adding bags of shopping and kids stuff as you go along.
    If it's primarily a photography trip, I would opt for everything expect the monopod and the 24-105mm.
  10. Staying in the park? Take it all, then take a photo safari in the afternoon while the kids are napping and the maybe another one with the wife later in the night after dinner. Tripods are frowned upon but I've used monopods if I keep mobile. And if you are going in the near future, you shouldn't have to worry about too large of a crowd or the heat. In fact, take lightweight jackets or sweaters. The Parks close earlier this time of year but it can still get cold in the evenings. Typcially, the Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari ride is way too bouncy to use the 70-200 with 1.4 TC for serious shots. But Disney does offer a "Resort Guest only ride" in the morning before the park opens and they take it real slow for us shutterbugs. (I think that's only in the summer time?)
    Not staying in the park? Buy an Olympus SW series camera (Under $200) Shockproof, waterproof, fits in your pocket or tummy tote and easy for the rest of the family to use. You do want YOUR picture with Mickey don't you?
    Have fun, wish I could go!
  11. I went this time last year. Took 20D, 17-55, 70-200 2.8, 300 4 IS, 1.4 tc, and 420ex flash. Rented a stroller to tote the bag and the 6 YO when he got tired.
    Didn't regret taking all the gear, and everything got used. We did stay on Disney property so getting around was easy. 2 nights at Animal Kingdom lodge was great, the decorations for the holidays are amazing.

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