Camera settings magically changing?

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  1. Maybe something buried three levels deep in menus you set the first day intending never to change again and suddenly it is changed! I'm sure it must be something I inadvertently did.
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    I do it on occasion, on my cameras a question of bringing up the current settings and working backward from there through the menus. Easy to do.
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  3. Did your camera maybe run out of power to maintain its internal memory?
    Some of mine have a button cell to keep their clock ticking and stuff. When I keepnthe battery out for toomlong in others Inneed to reset their clock and dunno what else.
    Sorry I can't offer better advice than to get used to your cameras. (<- Says a guy who recently didn't recall how to set his EOS to continous shooting...)
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  4. Could be, it's a new old camera. Everything seems fine now, I'm sure it's some thing I did.
  5. Pixies

    Or small children, it can be hard to tell the difference anyway.
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  6. I have a spreadsheet with 3 pages of the various settings of my Nikon Z 50, not including video. The digital camera programmers have gone bonkers and it's getting worse. From time to time I go through the pages to make sure nothing unintentional has changed.
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  7. SCL


    Ditto re all suggestions. Also periodically happens to the sound on my pc.:D
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  8. Now that really is pixies.
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  9. Found it! Pushing in the command dial switch for two seconds toggles between standard focus peaking and high focus peaking, bypassing the menus. Easy to accidentally do on the XE1/XP1.
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  10. Depending on the camera, some camera settings can only be on and function in certain modes. My A7RIII is notoriously not allowing one setting to work unless some other setting is not set. I find some setting stops functioning and because I toggled on anther setting. It doesn't always make sense and can be frustrating as two seemingly unrelated settings are dependant and those settings may he buried in different screen menus. It takes a lot of trial and error, referencing the manual and Google searches. Sometimes a firmware update increases functionality, other times, my model camera just won't do something in a mode I think it should. And I may find the next model up can do that very thing my model doesn't. Incentives to upgrade I suppose.
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  11. I usually carry an actual instruction manual (in pdf form on my phone).

    It's not a bad idea to occasionally reset the whole dang thing back to default -- sometimes the ghost of Christmas past can pop up....

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