Camera Restrictions at Los Angeles Coliseum

Discussion in 'Sports' started by richard_crowe|4, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I will be attending the USC vs. Washington State game at the L.A. Coliseum on September 26th.
    I'd like to bring my 40D and 17-55mm lens. I don't want shots of the game, just of the colorful crowd.
    Can I bring a "professional looking" camera into the Coliseum for a USC football game? I would hate to bring the camera and not be allowed in with it!
    Otherwise, I'll just bring my Olympus Z-5050 P&S.
  2. I have no experience there, so perhaps I should not answer, but having a slow day here at work!!!
    I'd think that the D40 and the 17-55 are both quite smaller looking than a D3 or Canon MK!! with a 70-200 or a 300 or 400 2.8 attached! That, I assume is what the gate people would be looking for. and restrict. they don't want you zooming in getting those nice tight shots of the players like the photogs in the 1st or 3rd base photog pits.
    Under "Items Not Allowed"
    "...large still or video cameras."
    I'd leave the SLR at home. Yeah, each gate agent will probably interpret it differently and you might even be able to talk your way into the stadium with the camera, but chances are, they're going to see SLR and say no.
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    The problem you have with what Rob has pointed out is that if they do tell you that the camera can't come in, you have to put it into your car (assuming you arrived by car) in front of everyone in the parking lot and into an environmentally uncontrolled situation, i.e., given that it's LA in September, fairly hot under direct sunlight.
  5. Jeff -
    So what you are trying to say is that someone may be watching and waiting for this exact situation to happen, then "accidentially" open the car after he leaves his camera in it? In LA? Never happen! ;-p
    Best advice - based on the rule posted here - leave the DSLR at home... bring the point and shoot.
  6. Leave the SLR with the 17-55 lens at home but happily be let in with the P&S with the 18x zoom and the phone with the still and video camera and the new iPod with the video camera.
    Strange world you guys live in.
  7. I don't mind rules... But, I hate ARBITRARY RULES! What the heck is a "large camera" or for that matter what the heck is a "small camera"?
    This is like a parking sign saying "Parking Only Allowed For A Short Time". or a road sign saying "Big Vehicles Not Allowed".
    As an example of these arbitrary rules was my trip to Alaska from LAX on Alaska Airlines. I asked the TSA representative, "Are monopods allowed aboard the plane as carry-on baggage?" I was told, "No, certainly not! They are 'weapon-like" items!" On the way back from Anchorage, I asked the TSA person the same question. The answer I got was, "Sure, people carry them aboard all the time!"
  8. Richard R -
    Yes, Yes it is a strange world in which we live in... (thanks Paul M)
    But to the average (or not so average) rube who is a security guard at the gate - it is much easier to tell everyone with a P/S to pass and everyone who has a digital SLR or SLR to turn around.

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