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  1. Can some shed light how to solve this ridiculous problem:
    With PS6 Bridge I can open RAW files by double clicking on them, but not when I right click and want to open any file in PS RAW. Of course, there is no problem w/ RAW files (when double clicking), but if I want to open a *.tiff then I have to specify PS RAW otherwise it opens up in straight PS. The strangest thing that I can open the same *.tiff within the Mini Bridge.
    I also cannot apply previous RAW edits to other files within Bridge.
    As a lot of you are familiar with this message:
    “Camera Raw editing is not enabled. Camera Raw Editing requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature.”
    To me this is a bit cryptic. What heck does this mean? How can I solve it?
    I heard somewhere that this props up where there were previous PS installations, mainly CS5.
    Anyone has any real solutions?
    Thank you,
  2. The qualifying product is Photoshop CS6. Nothing else will solve the problem you have. It is not caused by having previous versions of the Adobe products installed.
    It is also likely that even then, it may not solve your problem. Bridge (and Camera Raw) are installed by a variety of Adobe products, but to use Camera Raw via Bridge at a minimum you will have to start Photoshop CS6 at least once.
    If you want Camera Raw to open Tif files you have to set the Camera Raw preferences to so rather than Photoshop.
  3. What really baffles me that that I DID start Photoshop CS6 many times and still cannot open RAW files by right clicking and selecting “Open in Camera Raw…” All my Photoshop related associations are set to CS6, still no cigar. But if I select one or more images and double click or hit return within Bridge they all do “Open in Camera Raw…” as they should. This is a crazy nonsense.
    Mini Bridge doesn’t have a problem to open anything in Photoshop, Camera Raw, or the Default Application which is of course for CS6 RAW.
  4. Bridge CS6 appears to be a unfinished quirky product compared to their earlier versions. There are numerous posts on Adobe's forums and feedback site about Bridge's poor behavior.
    So even with the correct product installed and activated, I am not surprised it doesn't work correctly. You might want to log your problem on Adobe's feedback site.
    I don't expect any quick solutions though.
  5. Thanks Richard,
  6. I am having the same problem so either Revert to CS5 or use LightRoom

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