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  1. Hello everyone, I am a new user here asking a question about my camera. I have a Canon PowerShot A75, and I lent it to my girlfriend for a few weeks where she used it in optics lab to take pictures of laser beams. When I got it back today, I took a picture outdoors and this is what I ended up with: [​IMG] It looks like the white balance is off. however, the camera is on "auto" mode. setting it to P and doing a custom white balance yields the same image. the camera works fine in indoor settings. Did an errant laser beam ruin my camera sensor? has anybody seen this before?
  2. Chances are it is a sensor problem, likely not caused by the laser but by the problem mentioned here
    and one that may be fixed by Canon, maybe at no cost. Contact Canon.
  3. Outside of the picture being ~2 stops overexposed, seems to me nothing else is wrong. See the white paint strip. It is white as it should be. It is normal for grossly overexposed area to have a color shade.

    I would check and see if the exposesure compensation is reset to normal from 2 stop over? BTW: I would set that to +2 (or more) if I were taking picture at a laser lab too.
  4. Hello Tommy,

    The image was taken in "auto" mode, so the white balance/exposure should have been auto-adjusted. This photo was then worked with in Photoshop to auto-adjust the levels.

    Do sensors have a coating on them to protect from infrared and/or UV light? If I recall sensors can caputre UV but then are programmed not to show it. How about Infrared?
  5. Arnie has already given you the correct answer. This is one of many cameras from all the major manufactures that Sony shipped faulty sensors to. Canon will repair your camera at no cost.
  6. Even if you are in auto exposure mode, there is a feature call exposure compensation. When one dial in some large + number, the image can be overexposed. When that happen, the R-G-B data are clipped (oversaturated). The white balance data which is based on the non-overexposed area will not match the overexposed area resulting in a color cast. I think this could be what iss happening to you instead of the recall issues sometime ago based on a defective batch of Sony CCDs. I haven't use a A75 for a long while, there should be a +- buton to adjust for explosure comepnsation. I would look for that and a try a few adjustment first. This could save you sometime going through that route. Good Luck.

    Here is some info on the recall. It doesn't look the same as what you have. But then again, I could be wrong.
  7. Well, I have sent Canon an email with the above image as well as details of my situation, and it looks like they are going to send me a box to ship it to their repair center. Even though I have told them that my camera is probably NOT suffering the exact CCD defect that their advisory talks about, it looks like they are going to repair it under the CCD warranty anyway. I don't know if they are being nice or if it is just an miscommunication.

    Even with all that, I have to say a new A570 IS is starting to look pretty sweet right about now. Maybe I'll upgrade cameras anyway?
  8. If you search the archives for other cameras with bad sensors you will find that your problem is very much like many others. The page linked to is not a page that shows every possible defect. It is merely a clearing house for manufacturers press releases and known affected cameras.

    I had the sensor in my A80 replaced and it showed a defect not documented by any site (that I could found). Yet Canon still replaced the sensor free of charge under the same service advisory as the others on the list.

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