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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by tim o'brien, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. All,
    I have just purchased a Kalart Press Camera, with all the goodies but
    of course, no instructions.

    I realize these are few and far between, but perhaps someone has the
    answers to a couple of questions.

    1.) How do you take the battery cover off without destroying it?
    2.) I look through the viewfinder and all I see is a large black
    square with the numerals 127 (lens size) on three edges. Not very
    usefull as a viewfinder.

    I think that's a start. It's a beautiful camera and I really don't
    want to mess it up because of ignorance.

    tim in san jose
  2. I wonder if that finder is like the Voigtlander Kontur finders. The way they work is you keep both eyes open, looking through the finder with your right eye and at the scene with your left eye. The right eye sees a bright square suspended in space, and your brain puts the two images together, superimposing the square on the scene. "127" would imply that that is the correct finder and mask for a 127mm lens.
  3. David,
    Good guess, but there is no bright square in the finder. It's opaque black square you can't see through. I suspect there is something I am not getting on the operation of this camera.
    Interesting, there are two finders, one for the left eye, one for the right, and they both are identical in operation (or non-operation as it is).

    Thanks for the help,
  4. It still might be. The Kontur finder has an opaque black square that you can't see through with a thin bright line around it (actually two bright squares, one dotted and adjusted for parallax at close distances), which is what your right eye should see. Maybe the numerals themselves are supposed to indicate the frame edges. Remember, keep both eyes open to make it work, and let your eye muscles relax so you don't go crosseyed!
  5. John Craig has the manual.
  6. Ah Ha!
    Amazing concept. Dual eye combinational composing. It's going to take a bit of getting use to, but I understand easily the concept. Your free eye sees the whole image, framed or not, your blackened eye frames the the shot. Now to get the rangefinder to be a bit brighter...

    Thanks, any help in opening the battery chamber would be appreciated.
    And thanks for the reference to craigcamera. I looked at his site, lots of stuff there.


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