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  1. I work on a five percent "worth a second look" theory, so the more the better!
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    For me, whatever it is has to have a viewfinder. There is one advantage to a big DSLR on a good strap over a phone. Worst case, you can really smack someone with the camera - the phone, not so much! ;)
  3. For me, it’s not a matter of the camera being all-important on one hand or the camera never mattering, ever, on the other. It’s a matter of street photography not being monolithic and there not being a “best” camera to use for a genre that is as diverse and can accommodate as many approaches as street shooting. There’s a whole lot of room for all kinds of cameras to be used effectively.

    iPhones are better not measured against other cameras and what those other cameras can do, which will mostly be up to whose holding those cameras. They are what the photographer can make of them.

    A creative mind like Lucas Samaras didn’t set out to prove that a Polaroid could do just what other cameras could do. He explored some of their unique characteristics and abilities. He didn’t feel limited by his new camera. He opened doors with it.
  4. I won't question the resident martial artist's reasoning, but I see an issue: Weaponizing an afterwards broken camera might become a tough case in court. Anything self defense should be successful around here, to go unpunished. - Sacrificing one's camera, to safe & defend it might appear a bit absurd, unless you carry D2Hs, to whack Leica robbers. ( IANL, but I think I was taught to see problems.)
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    Mostly joking - first thought about it after a street encounter my wife & I had with a very drunken guy and apparently angry / violent guy on the way back to our hotel after a nice dinner. I wasn't even taking pictures, just carrying the DF low profile against my hip on a Black Rapid strap. I still have a trick or two up my sleeve from the old days, but a bit long in the tooth to have any interest in trying to use them. In the face of violence, you do what you need to do - I can get always another camera. In re: court of law, my old instructor used to quote the old "Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6" .
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  6. My old Nikon hard case (FB-8) holding 2 cameras and lenses was very heavy and could easily be deployed when someone crowded you in line.:rolleyes:
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    As you know one of my favorites to this day. I could cram 2 Nikons, 4 lenses, my Vivitar 283 flash, 8 filters and better than a dozen rolls of film into that case, and you could still work out of it.
  8. There’s an old saying among musicians: it ain’t what you play, it’s how you play it. And then there’s the blues version: it ain’t the meat, it’s the motion :)
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