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  1. My father had it, I remember it, all my baby/toddler/child photos was taken with it (Zenit B, made in 1973)...He printed by himself and used a photo glossy-drier. In some respect that is why I use a Tessar design pancake now and I used Olympus 25/2.8 pancake some time ago. Surpisengly, I remember its drawing simple signature... So I like pancakes and they are by me...
  2. Sorry, but dpreview tested Xs (with its "bokeh") and it can not be comparable with initial 6-7 years ago Olympus and Panasonic m 4/3 cameras. I would not give links, this is very easy to find. The photos are OK-ish on screen size but at 100% they are horrble. Period. I can afford to buy a good camera and my current camera shoots wway better so why on Earth should I go phone photography? No.

    And if we speak about Iphone we should also speak about Samsung and Honor, right? And about 5 Mp Nokias also. I hate to be iphono-addicted. I do not want to debate I see what I see. If you give me a link to ISO 400 Iphone twilight shots full size, let's have a look and discuss. I would choose Nikon Df anytime. I say clearly: I hate pictures out of Iphone wherever I see them.
    I don't understand. E-M5 is tiny, (like a cigarette pack) so as 25/1.8, super fast combo the photos are very good. (Much better than out of above metioned phone)

    Nikon D5 and 70-200/2.8 is big.
    Agreed here.
    Yes, you are attentive. Sony A7 iii and Voigtlander 50/1.2 (new) is on my radar. Though Pentax K-50 does the job brilliantly. And it is new, to tell the truth (was kept in a box). So did Olympus E-420 but is was too noisy at ISO 400. I do not consider anything without stabilization.
  3. Sometimes she can take pictures, and she is not totally incompetent, they sometimes not worse than pictures of many "artists" from here .... (........).
    I do not like technical quality and pixel structure of smartphone photography.
    This is her picture, Barcelona, Spain, iphone 7 - look at big FS. ISO 100.
    And I have seen a lot of iphone pics out from reviews.

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  4. And honestly, I do not understand all that hype and rave around iphones . 10 year - old upper tier PS cameras (top Lumixes or alike) do better, much better job. :D
    And this is why she bought Sony A5000 and the quality of it is better than EOS 5D mk2 (much crispier, more DR) really.
    Dpreview's 100% widget confirms all.
  5. Many of us think a little more about imagination, vision and picture interest than camera and lens quality. Many of the “artists” you snarkily refer to around here care more about expressing themselves than the refinement of bokeh on a shot of wine glasses sitting on a set table. To each his own.
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    Some of us photograph more than eye charts. Not much of a fan of Ansel Adams' photographs, but he did have some great things to say about photography, here's a few quotes:

    “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”

    “There’s nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

    “A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.”

    Equipment fetishism has nothing to do with photography.
  7. They look good for b&w and tiny size.
    Did you use built in artificial bokeh effect with "dog photo" or just did it in PS?
    I llike the fact that you like your iphone but an entry level camera like Olympus E-M10 has a huge advantage in quality and speed. Especially in large size and in colour (as for quality). Those who want to continue debate look at Dpreview samples and their analysis.
    Honeastly I have a $60 Finepix 280 and it does shoot on par with iphones.
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    "Artist" is hardly an insult - IMO it is a term which most would not use to describe themselves but would not be displeased to receive as an accolade.

    As to phones, that is a matter of taste and choice of tools. I don't own one, but when I did, used them on occasion to take photos. They were more than adequate for the task at hand. There are a variety of talented photographers who use only phones

    Frankly anything that lacks a viewfinder is off my list for photo usage except in an emergency...but that is just my preference.
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  9. Each of us has his/her tastes (wines, cars, writing instruments, music, women, etc). I did not want to offend anybody but looked for useful practical talk and discussion.
    Choosing a pol. filter I wrote a letter to Zeiss company headquarters (they responded) having examined lenstip first - this is my approach.
    I will add... my mentor, a very good photojournalist Loboda (he is 72, he knows in person Gulnara Samoilova who took 11th of September pictures and he was also an apprentice of Syomin Vladimir)), used such definitions as flowing, delicate, transparent, coarse, ugly and many words discussing rendering of lenses, bokeh; and all alike stuff... So tastes differ so do approaches. He uses EOS 5 Mk2 Canon with a 24/1.4 L lens for street genre. He makes calls by means of the simplest 15-dollar button phone.
    “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” Yes.
  10. “The single most important component is the twelve inches behind it" .rusian;)

    Okay, got it.....some folk just like to boast;)
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    exactly! camera is whatever makes you happy. once upon a time i walked the streets with an RB67 over my shoulder.

    as time went on i wanted something light... yashicamat!

    not happy with squares, 645 was my answer n still a preference most times.

    for speed n imediate gratification as well as color for a change... my cannon 20d rescued from the closet of someone that would eventually forget its in there.
  12. Really cool!
  13. Any camera can be used to make street photos. However...what produces strong/compelling photographs has so very little to do with gear.

    Rather, it's about the photographer, his/her curiosity, imagination, life experiences, understanding of light, composition, gesture, context, visual tension, potential for narrative, being comfortable around and able to connect with people, avoiding deceptive practices when making photos on the street, and much more.

    If you're more into camera ownership, that's fine. But please don't confuse that with having anything to do with making decent street photos. That's just a trap that will get in the way and distract from what should be your real objective, assuming that's making good street pix. might have noticed I always try to use the phrase "making photographs" instead of "taking photographs." There's a reason for that. Think about it.
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    Not true. You have spent plenty of time telling other people their choices are not appropriate .
  15. "Do be indifferent to praise and slander and do not dispute with a fool" (c) Alexander Pushkin.

    just for my choice, only for my choice and task.
  16. Use whatever works for you. Bruce Davidson used an 8x10 view camera for his book "East 100th Street". It worked very well for him.
  17. Sorry. I made a mistake. Bruce Davidson used a 4x5 view camera for "East 100th Street" not a 8x10 camera. I was not thinking straight before my morning coffee.
  18. I disagree. While I know today's entry level Nikon can out perform my Nikon D300 in every meaningful way, there is just special about the D300 that makes you want to push that button over and over. Leica owners know what I'm talkin about.
  19. That’s not necessarily a good thing to do.

    I find I sometimes get better pictures when I push the button less.

    Of course, to each his own.

    The particular camera I use has rarely if ever inspired me to push the button. It’s usually what I’m seeing or foreseeing that inspires that.

  20. I have done this plenty of times -- not always intentionally. o_O

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