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  1. All,
    we're lucky enough to be visiting Orlando soon and have tickets for the Magic vs Miami Heat game. Not lucky enough to have a spot on the floor (they mostly go to USA Today I'm told).
    So, the Magic website says that you can bring in a camera bag 14"x14"x6" and a camera (D5) with a removable lens no bigger than 6".
    Any suggestions for the best lens under 6"? I'm thinking 85mm f/1.8 and 28mm f/2.8 AIS (or 15mm fish-eye).
    Andy Chubb
  2. (135/2) is only 4.7 inches long. If you're not on the floor wouldn't you need at least that long a lens?
  3. In most arena seats, it will be difficult to avoid the heads of the people in the row in front of you. A few years ago I got tickets in Indianapolis that were in the front row of a small balcony next to a broadcaster's booth. I used a 70-300 zoom lens that was less than 6 inches long at the 70 mm end of the range. I used it mostly at the 300 mm setting and then cropped. This is one of the pictures I shot:
    There are more here:
    More recently, I got comped seats in the lower level for a WNBA game. Since the arena wasn't full, I could find a spot where there was no one directly in front of me. I used a 28-300 zoom for this game. It was also less than 6 inches at the wide angle setting.
    more here:
    Good luck.

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