camera for my 20yr old daugter

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  1. My daugter wants a digital camera for christmas. I offered to get her a xt
    body as I have extra lenses that she can use but she doesn't want a big camera
    and she isn't into photography that much. She wants a small p&s that she can
    put in her pocket. ( not even the size of a canon g series ) I was looking at
    the new pentax optio z10, but have two problems with it; it is a refraction
    lens. How soft will this make the center of the image escpecially for
    cropping and it will be a fixed f-stop for depth of field. If she ever gets
    into photography she can always get my camera body giving me an excuse to
    upgrade :). Any other camera's suggested. I would like to stay above 8Mpix
    for cropping reasons and at least a 4x zoom.

  2. I would get her the Canon Elph series, Sony T series or Panasonic Lumix Fx series. They are all small, fashionable and has built in IS.
  3. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Canon A5nn/6nn series. Range from $150-300 depending on mp and features. All make excellent pics with relatively easy use. Good luck.
  4. fuji finepix f40fd or f47fd are good choices.
  5. <<She wants a small p&s that she can put in her pocket.>>

    Canon SD1000
  6. A year or so ago I got my daughter a Canon. I got her a 5 mpx with a 4x or so zoom -- the zoom was more important, I thought, than the megapixels.

    She loves it!

    If I were to do it again today, I'd get pretty much the same thing -- maximum zoom possible in a small point and shoot -- but also throw in image stabilization and RAW capability -- IS is more important I think.

    Main thing is make it easy to shoot good pictures, especially if she's not intending to be a "photographer" per se.

    And if she gets good pictures, that could inspire more good pictures, perhaps better equipment up the road.

    Maybe you should just go shopping for it with her! And keep in mind how good is good, and what IS good, from her point of view, and you'll do all right.
  7. I think the Canon A500 series (maybe up to about 560 by now?) are nice little cameras, make good photos for little money and bulk.
  8. "she isn't into photography that much. She wants a small p&s"

    Forget about inspiring to get 'better equipment' one day. Get her a new cell phone with a "fancy" two megapixel camera. It will get used a lot more more than anything else.
  9. Why dont you show her to a camera store and ask her what she likes to have?
  10. Many thanks for the advice. The upscale camera phone is an interesting idea. Will go down to the local camera store and try a few out to narrow them down.

    camera phone Hmmmmm.
  11. she'll go crazy over the camera phone.

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