camera flash and studio strobe

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by mag_miksch, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. I tried to use my camera build in flash and a Nikon flash together with studio
    strobes for background- and headlight. All are firing but on the images I dont
    see any difference either the studio strobes are turned on or off. It seems they
    are to slow? Regards Martin
  2. Most likely you don't have your built-in flash firing in manual mode. If you're using Nikon's CLS system, then there are pre-exposure flashes that are probably tripping the studio strobes before the shutter is even open. Which external Nikon strobe are you using? If it's the SB800, you can put it in SU-4 mode, so that it slaves just like the studio strobes. Then turn off the "commander" mode on the built-in flash, and turn off any anti-red-eye settings so that there are no pre-exposure pulses from the camera (this means you'll have to set flash power manually everywhere, including on the camera). Then, you'll only get one flash from the camera - as the shutter is open - and the other units will slave as they should.
  3. following on Matt's ...

    also Turn Off the Auto Focus Assist light...
  4. Thank you, kinda stupid not to think about the preflashes. Kind Regards Martin

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