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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by walterh, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Hello, are there good alternatives to CCP2?
    I need control of the camera parameters related to RAW shooting and best possible live view.
    Two monitors must be supported. Camera support must cover D200, D700, D3.
    I do hold licenses for CCP and CCP2 but just dislike the user interface and the implementation of LV.
    Suppost is also terrible - it took me 1/2 year to get the software from Nikon after the D700 was delivered. It was ordered together with the camera! After major intervention I got a temporary lic. key from Nikon after 4 month.
  2. Thanks for the tip Hans. That software worked with my D3. Not very glamorous but certainly functional.
  3. Hans interesting suggestion but there seems to be no live view. No live view does not meet the specification of "best possible live view" :)
    Tried it but cannot get it to work with my D3 , at least under Vista64. Have to give it a try with XP.
  4. Hans interesting suggestion but there seems to be no live view. No live view does not meet the specification of "best possible live view" :)
    Sure it does. You said 2 monitors. Plug one of them into the HDMI port of the camera. That is the very best possible liveview. No smiley, dead serious.
  5. Waiting for the cable to hook up the D700 to the PC. It is the smaller type plug.
  6. Downloaded this program today to use with my Nikon D3 and cannot get it to work. My camera does not respond to the on-screen shutter command and I cannot release the shutter manually because the moment I plug in my camera to the USB port it goes into PC mode. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
  7. Update. No sooner did I post that last note, I fixed one problem. I changed my USB option to PTP and can now release the shutter. I'm now working on a way to view and print photo's.
  8. Thanks everyone, it worked! Here's what I did.
    1. For the camera control I downloaded Camera Control 4.1 for FREE, and it works great. I'm able to tether my Nikon D3 to my Dell computer running Windows Vista 64bit. I have total control of my camera's features (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance)
    2. I took your advice and downloaded Fastone Image Viewer for FREE and it works great too! I'm able to point the folder that Camera Control is using and it auto-imports with each release of the shutter.
    Everything is fully automated and controllable via my laptop. I can now set the laptop next to my Sony Snaplab and perform all camera and print functions with a single click of the shutter, and a second click to print. I'll have my lovely assistant (my daughter) handle each cash transaction and viola!
    My next quest is to find a way to incorporate custom borders for prints. The Snaplab has a built in feature to add custom borders but it only works when inserting memory media into it, but not when it is being used as a printer connected to a PC.
    Thanks to all!

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