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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some help in finding out from some of the experts on here which cameras are of true value and which are your average ones I should let go I only get to find out what I really have once I actually start creating a listing for each camera individually. After researching each individual cameras on ebay's history and using my "Huge Trusty Book" - McKeown's Price Guide I expand my knowledgeable a little more but in the end I am still left unsure if what I'm holding in my hands is something worth keeping or what the actually value of it is in today's world The one thing I don't want to do is sell one only to find out later that I had in my possession a rare item of true craftsmanship. I'm definitely going to keep the M3 and 500c... I'm only 24 I am still looking forward to the day where I can show them off on top of the fire place I think I'm going to be at this for a while as getting info on some of these cameras is amazingly quite difficult, especially prices, lots of sites are in German, French and even Chinese and Japanese. So much for using the internet lo I know a condition scale is missing, but most cameras are in fairly good condition, cosmetic and functioning. Any help in understanding what I truly have or even your experiences in what prices in today's market would be greatly appreciated
    Make Model Serial # Made in Attached Lens f= Range Serial
    Agfa Sillette Germany Prontor - SVS
    Argus -Cosina STL - 1000 2316802 Japan
    Blacks Insight - Zoom 105 1639544 Zoom 38 -105 macro
    Bolex Pailard B-8 Cine 514781 Switzerland
    Braun Paxette I Germany Staeble - Kata 45mm 1:2.8 488179
    Canon EOS 300 2816366 Canon Zoom Lens EF 28mm 1:3.5 - 5.6
    Canon EOS 650 124450 Canon Zoom Lens EF 35-70mm 1:3.5-4.5 1056489
    Canon IID IID1 IIF IIS IVSB IVSB2 Canon Lens 50mm 1:1.8 1243873
    Canon T70 Multiprogramming AE Dual Metering System 1756289 Canon Lens FD 50mm 1:1.8 8772509
    Exakta Varex Ihagee Dresden 684462 Germany
    FujiFilm FZ 3000 Zoom Date Fujinon Zoom 38 Auto Focus & Prewinding 115mm 31007226
    FujiFilm Instant Camera Instax 100 Fujinon Lens 95mm
    Fujica AX 3 9030251 Fujinon FM 50mm 1:1.9 633964
    Hanimex 35maf 38mm 1:3.8
    Hasselblad 500C Front: TU71260 Back:TU106671 Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm 1:2.8 420426
    Ilford Sportsman 148938 West Germany Dacora Kamera Werk Reutlingen Dignar 45mm 1:2.8
    Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro Model
    Kodak No. 1a Pocket Camera Canada
    Kodak No. 3 Folding Pocket Camera E-8 USA
    Kodak Pleaser Instant Camera Canada
    Kodak Retina 1A 410634 Retina - Xenar Schneider - Kreuznach 50mm 1:2.8 2463861
    Kodak Tele-Ektralite 600
    Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 28
    Kodak Vigilant Junior Six 20 Canada Kodak Bimat Lens Dakon Shutter
    Kodak Ektralite 10 Appareil
    Kodak Retinette 56719 Germany Reomar Schneider - Kreuznach 45mm 1:3.5
    Konica Auto S 699500 Konishiroku Hexanon 47mm 1:1.9
    Kowa SET 128639 Kowa Co. LTD 50mm 1:1.8 431078
    Leica II 100940 Leitz Elmar 50mm 1:3.5
    Leica IIIf 640813 Germany Leitz Elmar 5cm 1:3.5 1046885
    Leica IIIg 846010 Germany Leitz Elmar 5cm 1:3.5 988689
    Leica M2 929972
    Leica M3 899559 Summicron 5cm 1:2 1530039
    Maruya Slide Projector
    Meopta Flexaret 3061789A Czechoslovakia Meopta Anastig mat 80mm 1:3 80144816
    Minolta Autopak 460Ttx
    Minolta Hi-Matic AF-D 1213352 Japan Minolta Lens AF 38mm 1:2.8
    Minolta Hi-Matic F 1181792 Japan Minolta Rokkor 38mm 1:2.7
    Minolta Hi-Matic F Rokkor 38mm 1:2.7
    Minolta Hi-Matic S Minolta Rokkor 38mm 1:2.7
    Minolta Maxxum 550SI 99703833 Malysia Minolta AF Zoom 28-80mm 1:3.5-5.6 60704710
    Minolta Maxxum 7000 21181512 Japan Maxxum AF 50mm 1:1.7(22) 13306459
    Minolta Maxxum HTSI Plus 92201744 Malysia Minolta AF Zoom 28-100mm 1:3.5(22)-5.6 41314160
    Minolta Pocket Autopak 270 247168 Jappan Minolta Rokkor 26mm 1:3.5
    Minolta SR-1 1256914 Japan Minolta Auto Rokker - P F 55mm 1:1.8 2420911
    Minolta SRT100 308859 Japan Minolta MC Rokker-X PF 50mm 1:2 1072811
    Minolta SrT201 1407155 Japan Rokkor-X 50mm 1:1.7 4286391
    Minolta SRT201 1410256 Japan Minolta MD Rokker-X 50mm 1:1.7 2083617
    Minolta XG-M 2197716 Japan Minolta MD 49mm 1:2 1194774
    Mintola Autopak 700 104213 Japan Rokkor 38mm 1:2.8
    Nikkorex 35 II 179428 Japan Nikkor - Q 5cm 1:2.5 365466
    Nikon EM 6719207 Japan Hanimex MC Automatic 28mm 1:2.8 121216
    Nikon F 7097106 Japan Nikkor-S Auto 50mm 1:1.4 820662
    Nikon F 6901563 Japan Nikkor-S Auto 55mm 1:1.2 184752
    Nikon FE 4101517 Japan Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 5247606
    Nikon TW Zoom 85 5057071 Japan Nikon Zoom Lens 32-85mm Macro
    Olympus OM-2 668872 Japan Omlypus OM-system E. Zuiko Auto-T 135mm 1:3.5 163004
    Olympus Pen - EES-2 2624042 Japan Olympus D. Zuiko 30mm 1:2.8
    Optina IA Arette ISCO-Göttingen Isconar 45mm 1:2.8 494992
    Pentax K1000 6454246 Japan SMC Pentax - M 50mm 1:2 5512460
    Pentax K2 7090863 Japan SMC Pentax 50mm 1:1.4 1072786
    Pentax ME 1933429 Japan SMC Pentax - M 50mm 1:2 5085785
    Pentax ME Super 3020135 Japan SMC Pentax - M 50mm 1:2 4894696
    Pentax ME Super 3020189 Japan SMC Pentax - M 50mm 1:2 5752279
    Pentax MX 4493649 Japan SMC Pentax - M 50mm 1:1.7 7393831
    Pentax SF10 5138229 Japan No Lens
    Pentax Sportmatic 3626332 Japan Super - Takumar 50mm 1:1.4 4096297
    Pentax Sportmatic 2443930 Japan Super - Takumar 55mm 1:2 6188787
    Pentax Zoom 105 - R 5943956 Japan Auto Focus 38-105mm
    Pextax SP1000 5603976 Japan SMC Takumar 55mm 1:2 6677833
    Polaroid Sx-70 Nissin
    Polaroid Sonar One Step 2352
    Praktica BMS eltronic 243836 Germany Prakticar MC Pentacon 135mm 1:2.8 0602
    Praktica L2 (GDR) Germany Helios - 44 - 2 58mm 1:2 N0063308
    Praktica LTL (GDR) Germany Meyer - Optik Gorlitz Domiplan 50mm 1:2.8 6710304
    Praktican ? 415079 Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 58mm 1:2 5766970
    Ricoh AF-55 Dx Auto 29624007 Ricoh Len 35mm 1:3.5
    Ricoh KRT-10 Super 79253739 Japan Rikenon 50mm 1:2 166939
    Ricoh Singlex TLS 58081 Japan Royal Autotele Extender 2x Model P
    Ricoh TLS 401 02141239 Japan Auto Rikenon 55mm 1:1.4 216978
    Rollei A26 Singapore
    Rolleiflex 2.8c or Automat 2.8c 1400012 Germany Heidosmat 80mm 1:2.8 707541
    Rolleiflex SL35M 4867942 Singapore Rollei - HFT Planar 50mm 1:1.8 1154584
    Samoca Model LE - II 950010 Japan Samocar 50mm 1:2.8 269018
    Samoca Model M - 35 339571 Japan Ezumar 50mm 1:3.5 356650
    Voigtlander Vitomatic Iia West Germany Voigtlander Color - Skopar 50mm 1:2.8 00549
    Yashica FR 71015038 Japan No Lens
    Yashica Fx - 3 033185 Japan Yashica Lens DSB 50mm 1:1.9
    Yashica J - 3 7321524 Japan Cosinon Auto 50mm 1:1.7 725147
    Yashica Lynx - 5000 LII4023433 Japan Yashinon 45mm 1:1.8 6124077
    Zeiss Ikon Nettar U55629 Germany Novar - Anastigmat 105mm 1:6.3
    Zeiss Ikon Voigtlander Icarex 35s P57997 Germany Carl Zeiss Ultron 50mm 1:1.8 7214548
    Zenit E 83254766 Russia Meyer - Optik Gorlitz Domiplan 50mm 1:2.8
    oh, I think its interesting to note that the prices in McKeown are sadly not really that representative. Some cameras you know are average may go for a lot more than quoted in the book, and some true treasures are going for prices I can't believe.... but in the end it is a good baseline for understanding quality vs price relationships.
  2. Condition, condition, condition.
  3. Bad time to be selling anything at present I think. If they were mine I would say the definite keepers are: <br>
    Hasselblad: 500C <br>
    Leica: all of them <br>
    Nikon: Both F cameras <br>
    Pentax: K2 <br>
    Rolleflex: Both twin lens reflex cameras<br>
    As an option I might also be tempted to keep the Retina and the Vitomatic IIa too.<br>
    Good luck, Steve
  4. Looks like a pretty mundane bunch. Not worth very much at all. I'll be glad to take them off your hands. I'll even pay shipping. I know, I'm just too kind, it's my only vice.
  5. Nonsense! The Hasselblad 500C isn't worth much more than Gene's Dick Tracey. In being a good sport, I'll give you $20..00 on top of shipping to help you get it off your hands.
  6. Don't you be a-dumpin' on my Dick Tracy.
  7. Sell them all ! Buy the Dick Tracy, you'll feel a great sense of relief and live an uncomplicated life.
  8. As McKeown says -- the value of a camera is determined at the time of sale. Nothing in that list stands out, though
    the Leicas, the Rolleis and the 'Blad are more "valuable" than anything else combined. If you are just wanting to thin
    down your herd, that's one thing. What cameras do you like to use? Which ones feel "special?" The current
    market reflects the economy, so I would not expect top dollar anymore. By the way, the term is "Spotmatic", not
    "Sportmatic." If you have used McKeown's then for the most part, you know what you have, and its approximate
    range of values. If you watch ebay, then you know what the real world value is.
  9. I will be happy to take the Lieca IIIG off your hands. Let me know what you want for it.

  10. Ditto on what Mark says. Having recently sold off a large amount of antique cameras, I can tell you that the Rolleis, Leicas and the other big names will do the best IF you sell them. But did you just buy all those to resell? You will pretty much get your butt kicked right now if you try to sell them. Between digital and the economy, only the best of the best are retaining value. Keep them if you can, and even better, take them out and enjoy them. Right now, that is your best bet. And hey, as you enjoy them, post some pictures!
  11. Dude, questions like this are my specialty. You should just ask me. I make my living doing this stuff. I can't believe you can't find data on this stuff. Ok, here goes based on your list:

    Junk: Agfa Silette, Argus STL-1000, Blacks, Bolex, Canon T70, Fuji, Hanimex, Ilford, Kodak, Kowa, All slide projector, Braun, All Polaroid, All Ricoh, All Voigtlander, All Samoca, All Praktica, All Yashica, Zeiss Nettar, Zenit.

    Sell: EOS 650, EOS 300, Exakta, Konica Auto S, Meopta Flexaret, All Minolta, All Olympus, Arette, All Pentax (except MX), all Nikon not in the "Keep" list.

    Keep because it is good: Canon IID/IIF/IIS/ISB/IVS2B, Hasselblad, All Leica, Nikkorex, Nikon F, Pentax MX, All Rolleiflex, Zeiss Icarex and Zeiss Voigtlander.

    So, where did you happen to come by all this stuff? No insult intended but, if you can't tell a quality camera from a junker, I'm wondering if you are a "camera guy" or just one of those fascinated fellows who thinks he can make money off these things.

    Which reminds me of this guy in the next neighborhood from here. He was having a yard sale and I asked him about cameras. Well, he brings out boxes and boxes of the things. All wrapped up neatly in newspaper. One of those fellows who thinks everything is priceless and he can't sell anything for fear of losing something or being cheated or whatever. And almost every one of the cameras was not working or plain junk (worth <$15.). Only 2 were worthwhile. A mini graphic and a Zeiss Maximar. The guy was insulted and wouldn't believe me. He still has all that junk hidden away secure in the feeling it is all priceless collectables and probably going to leave them to his offspring (who, let me tell you, will dump them or give them away. Oh, I could tell you stories.). He was an "eternal" as gold miners call them. No matter what price you offer them they can't sell because they don't know if it is a good deal or not. Even offer them 2x what it is worth and they can't say yes. It is so much fun to go to yard sales and mess with people's minds.
  12. And, by the way, the Helios lens on the Praktica L2 should be on the Zenit and the Domiplan lens on the Zenit should be on the Praktica L2.
  13. Whats consider junk versus collectable varies with the decades the Nikkorex F was worth about 10 bucks in the 1970s' as a total piece of dog manuren IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED; often they were sold as is with broken shutters. Today the have gone from a total worthless crap to collectable; since so many got scraped as not worth repairing since they were not relilable; and then "manure factor" has worn off. Exaktas went thru a funk when they sold off at low numbers in the 1970's and 1980's too; now folks collect them.

    A Leica II, IIc or IIlf was only worth about 15 to 40 bucks in 1969; today they are worth alot more. Once you dump your oddball "junk" stuff for next to nothing it can rise in pricing radically or never be collectible. ALL OF MY DEALS on cameras were bought when folks like Joseph above declared them as JUNK; ie the Rolleiflex standard for 30 bucks in the 1970's; a 10.5cm F4 Nikkor-T preset from KEH from 30 bucks in the early 1980's; many 1930's Kodak Retinas bought from 5 to 20 bucks, A Noctilux for 400 in the late 1970's; a 5cm F2 LTM nikkor for 20 bucks on Ebay; a Kodak Ektra with dual range 50mm F1.9 for 75 bucks in the 1970's; even a mess of Zorki's with Jupiter-8's all bought on ebay for less than 20 bucks with shipping.

    Seek value when they market says its Junk; sell it when its high and others think its collectible.

    A closeup attachement for Kodak Ektra cost me 99 cents on Ebay; with shipping about 6; I resold it for 200 + a few years later back on Ebay.

    Many items are really not all that collectible and the market with an off economy can make one little money.

    Cameras like the Leica IIIg were worth alot even when folks didnt collect cameras in 1969; Olden had them 129 bucks when a IIIf was 45; and II 15 bucks. Thus folks will want buy your IIIg at a low price; the one item you should not really ever sell unless you want to rebuy it later for alot more money. In the late 1960's when Leica Thread Mount stuff was in the pits; a IIIg still had some decent worth. Thread mount stuff then was mostly considered old stuff; like an old VCR, or an old 386 computer; or an old CRT monitor; almost total junk since the market had a glut of this "stuff". Now LTM lenses on ebay even off brand non Leica stuff like Nikkors and Canon are expensive

    Many younger folks do not collect cameras; it will be interesting to see how film cameras are priced ten years from now. There was a time in the late 1960's when folks traded in their obsolete Leica M3 with F2 Summicron and paid a hundred or two and got a Ricoh or Petri slr and were happy campers.

    If you already have the collection; avoid selling off any items in haste. A working Minolta SRT 201 is worth more to somebody who had one long ago; and regrets selling it; than to a collector. An investor might want to say all you stuff is crap and thus worthless; and thus the lowball quotes. Part of collecting has nothing to do with investing at all; its like some weird historical thing.

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