Camera bag carryon issues on American Airlines

Discussion in 'Travel' started by steve_johnston|4, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. When I fly the small AA jets, I am usually at risk of being forced to check my gear, because the overhead space gets used up before everyone has boarded. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. The option is under the seat in front of you isn't it? Not comfortable but safe. I have, at times, packed some lenses in a checked bag (packed very well indeed!) and more delicate gear in a small bag. Are you carrying on more than one piece? When I travel with camera gear my clothing gets checked and ONLY camera gear carried on. If you only have one bag they are less likely to force you to check your carry on.

    Of course . . . first class boards early . . .
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  3. As a non-professional who travels and photographs for pleasure, I purposefully limit my essential carry-on bag to one that will fit under the seat. I have usually been fortunate enough to get overhead space for my clothing as well.
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  4. When you say "small AA jets" not sure if you are describing a typical narrow body aircraft, like a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320, or a much smaller regional jet, like a Bombardier. For typical narrow body jets, if you absolutely, positively need space in the overheads for a large camera bag or roller carry on bag, then you may need to pay extra to get the honor of boarding early before all the overhead space is taken. On an RJ, there is not enough space in the overhead compartment for a rolling carry on bag and all those need to be gate checked. Don't know if your camera bag will or will not fit up there.
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  5. Thank you Gentlemen. I carry on a Mindshift backpack, 21.5 pounds, that fits into a Bombardier size overhead. I check everything else, including a tripod, wired into the suitcase and TSA padlocked to discourage theft. I have thought about the under seat in front idea. Not sure there would be room? Every time I think about leaving behind the 75% of the equipment I don't use regularly, I remember needing something and having it to make the shot.
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  6. So far, my Lowepro magnum bag has fit under every seat ( AA, United, KLM, Pioneer, Southwest,Horizon, American Eagle, Lufthansa, Air France) with many different fuselage types. No Bombardier yet.
  7. The smaller jets (and some non-jets) that I know have me put things on a rack right at the plane,
    and I get them back again, when exiting the plane. That leaves much less chance for something
    to happen, but maybe not none. Exactly what size they will let one take on, I am not sure.

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