Calumet stone

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  1. one more posting for the day.
    Is their past our future? Or our future their past?

    Calumet Stone

    memories fade
    the years pass by
    old men and parades
    tarnished medals held high
    stained plaques on monuments
    and of stone
    part of the landscape
    weathered and stand alone
    does anyone stop
    and ponder their feat
    the hero's action
    in the day was so sweet
    where are they now
    as the years pass by
    is the story gone
    does anybody question why

  2. Hopefully, we learn from their past and make our future our own.
  3. Doomed to the Past in the Future.
    Nothing new under the sun,
    It’s all been done.....

  4. A powerful post and very topical right now, @johntoennessen. Your post led me look up the various reasons why the US entered WW1 in 1917 following 3 years of neutrality.

    My personal take on your text is that there are still people (historians, novelists, journalists, re-enactment groups, etc.) who do remind us of the realities of past conflicts from time to time. But in general, I think time moves on and 'the gory details' of military conflicts become less clearly focused for each new generation. Unless they take the trouble to look them up. I think it's also true that 'popular history' tends to gloss over the 'gory details', heroic deeds and political motivations of past conflicts. We tend to have a nationality-centric view of past conflicts and emphasize our 'national heroes' while de-emphasizing the those of other nationalities. And the heroism and suffering incurred by other parties in the conflict.

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