California Coast: Leica, Rollei, 4x5, Pentax MX

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  1. Just received my film back from a recent trip down the coast from Northern to Southern California. Good fun!

    I decided to load up my favorite cameras and have one of each format (35mm, 120mm, 4x5). Plus my glove-box always has the Pentax MX.

    Technical Details are as follows:

    1) Leica M3 DS, Summicron 50, Fuji Provia 100
    2) Rolleiflex, Xenotar 3.5, Velvia 50, hand held
    3) Calumet CC-400, Fujinon 90mm f/5.6 or Caltar 215 f/6.3 both shot at either f/22 or f/32, Manfrotto 055XPROB
    4) Pentax MX, 50mm 1.7, Portra 400

    I'll make one post per camera, with captions. Enjoy!
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  2. Leica M3

    (All metered with a very old Gold Crest incident meter that just happens to work .....)

    1) My lovely wife


    2) Castro District, SFO, Tulips


    3) Carmel Fire Station


    4) Redwoods


    5) Matanzas Creek Winery vineyards


    6) Chevy

  3. 2) Rolleiflex

    A series from the Crescent City, CA lighthouse on Easter Morning.









    5. Plus: Cows with a Million Dollar View, Big Sur. Very happy that this 60 year old lens hardly flares pointed directly into the sun.


    6. Burnt Oaks, Above Carmel

  4. Calumet CC-400 4x5. FP4+, D-76 @ 1+1, Epson V800, spotted.

    1) Golden Gate Park Tree


    2) Presidio Graveyard at night. 1 minute exposure.


    3. Carmel Mission


    4. Alibi, Arcata.

  5. Pentax MX

    1. Kite Surfer


    2. Chair, Westlake Center, Seattle.


    3. Seattle Skyscraper


    4. Your Happy Correspondent, Santa Monica Pier

  6. Terrific! A lovely series of photograph in every respect. Impossible to pick a favourite as they all represent fine results from a variety of cameras and formats. I really should shoot more colour film, but digital makes me lazy in that respect....Thanks for a really enjoyable post.!
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  7. Nice shots. I particularly like Golden Gate Park Tree. Nice digital conversion too, great colours.
  8. Stuart: Thanks!

    Processing and scanning of color was by NCPS, Carlsbad CA. I did the B&W in my tub, and scanned on the Epson.
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  9. Swell! Thanks for sharing.
  10. 3. Carmel Mission

    View attachment 1241402

    This is the first shot in which I used "rise" to control for converging vertical lines. I also used a front standard tilt for near / far focus. It seems to have largely worked, compared to the unaltered view.
  11. Now THIS is what makes this place great.
    Nice smile in that first shot.
    Nothing makes cameras more fun than a great trip with good company.
    My wife is smiling as well looking at your photos.
    The Pentax MX is one of my favorites. Simple,small, mechanical classic.
    Thanks for adding to a pleasant Sunday evening.
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  12. I am very pleased to see that 51 year old Calumet has a "father figure" with the Rollei. Excellent Job! Aloha, Bill
  13. Nice work! Thanks for sharing. Lots of beautiful shots, but I particularly liked the skyscraper, the Alibi, and the tulips. And I have to ask... the guy carrying the cross... is that a real person or a statue?
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  14. A local church held an Easter Sunrise Service at the lighthouse. The guy was just taking the cross back into town, and happily consented to the pose.
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  15. Great Work... I was going to ask about that cross Hahaa.. Lovely lady!

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