Calibrating monitors adn Spyder 5 Express

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  1. As the task of having your monitors displaying as optimal as possible is that important I would like to ask the forum around preparing your monitors for calibration with the Spyder 5 Express equipment. I might add I know the full process performing a calibration. As the latest Win10 upgrade this weekend seem to have reset monitor management I have to redo the Spyder calibration from scratch and I'm a bit concerned about the basic settings before activiating a calibration.

    I have two monitors. The 'big' one is a HP ZR30w and the 'slave' a Samsung SMB 2340. I use a nVidia graphics card and the software nVidia Control Panel to monitor settings (as well as organizing monitors).

    The Spyder instructions start with the preparation of the monitors. I have some problems to adapt suggestions made to possible settings for my monitors.

    First advice is to reset the monitors to factory settings IF there's an OSD Menu.
    Second is to set the temperature to 6500K.

    The set-up I did first time I used the Spyder was in those cases a bit of my best guesses. As I now have to do it again from scratch I would like to be more certain. To rely on the calibration I have to be sure it's done from the recommended settings. But as terminilogy, accessable settings etc. differs from the instructions I rather would like to check with anyone knowing more about those than me.

    Those details concerns me as the instructions differ from what I'm able to do:

    The older (and cheaper) Samsung slave monitor has an OSD Menu and I found the Reset option in the OSD menu. So no problem with the reset instuction for that one.

    Quest 1:

    The HP screen don't have an OSD Menu BUT an option to turn DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) On or Off. The instruction just say I can skip the reset step if no OSD. Still there is a choice of turning the DCR On or Off. My guess is that OFF is the right choice, and will display the most true colours and temperatures?

    Quest 2:

    The nVidia Control Panel has a general option (have to do a translation from swedish in the interface) of controling colours of the individual monitors connected from "Select options of colour settings". You can choose "Other software controls colour settings" or "Use nVidia settings". My guess was to select "Other software..." as I interpreted the Spyder Software as "other". Is that correct?

    Quest 3:

    I can't find any controler available to set the temperatur to 6500K. Is there any? If not - does it matter much?

    Most thankful for all useful input on this.
  2. You might have better luck moving this to the "Digital Darkroom" forum.

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