Calibrating issue with Lacie 724 Monitor w/Blue Eye software and Spyder2/colormunki

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  1. Not sure if anyone can help out due to how new these monitors are.

    Heres what we have setup

    Computer 1
    Lacie 724 monitor
    XP Pro 32b
    EVGA 8600GTS video card

    Computer 2
    Lacie 724 monitor
    Vista Business 32b (UAC is disabled which is very important for color calibrated monitors)
    Asus 8500GT video card

    We just got 2 new Lacie 724 Monitors and are having issues color calibrating them. We have used spyder 2 and more recently color munki on previous monitors. When we first installed Lacie's blue eye software, neither colorimeter was recognized by the software (we uninstalled all old calibration software). After installing the spyder software again and disabling it from startup, the software was able to find the spyder2. Doing the same with color munki resulted in non recognition again. We were able to get the most recent update of the blue eye software from Lacie (couldnt find it anywhere on their site and had to email support for a link which I think is not discoverable through their site navigation). After the update, the results were the same.

    After we calibrated in blue eye with spyder2, computer 1 took a couple of tries but we were able to get it close to certification, but still not certified. Here's the UGRA report Notice that the Tone Value % finally got up to 100% for this test but it is still not certified due to Profile Quality and the Whitepoint areas.
    The Gamut-Volume is much lower than it should be, sRGB is 100% and AdobeRGB is 95%

    For the second computer it is not even close. We have run the test at least a dozen times, trying different settings and have a max tonal value of 90.5%. Most recent Results

    We are actually starting to get closer to a certified calibration on the second computer with the monitor on the custom setting instead of calibration setting (we are manually adjusting the brightness and contrast values)

    Any ideas?
  2. Your Lacie monitor is RGB LED backlit. It requires a colorimeter with the proper filters installed to calibrate the wide gamut
    monitor. The Spyder 3 does have these built in filters and would be a better choice for accurate calibration of LED wide gamut
  3. Does anyone know if any of the X-Rite products have the necessary filters for LED backit montiors? I've seen it mentioned that the Spyder3 does, but no specific mention about the i1...

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