calibrating a 1000hz on a 5D Mark 3 ?

Discussion in 'Video' started by proy, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Hi. Im trying to figure out how I would use a field mixer with a Canon 5DM3, without the need for Magic Lantern. is this possible ? I figured out how to use direct and adjust direct mic into the 5D, but if I try with a SQN-4S mixer, I cannot calibrate the mixer and the 5D. Sound is just saturated and cannot adjust volume.
    Ive seen how to do it with the mark 2 and ML but would rather not use ML if I can...
    Much Thanks in advanced.
  2. Is your SQN feeding the camera at line level? If so you need to re-set it to provide mic level so as not to overload the 5D. I am not familiar with the 5Dmk3 but I doubt it can take line level.
  3. Ok thanks. I'll check with my sound guy about this. I just know my 5D, not the mixer itself ;)
    It plugs into the "mic-in" minijack... and as I said, I cant seem to adjust the mic levels from within the 5D. It's either "on" or "off" if I can put it that way... My sound guy tried to adjust the levels from tge mixer and it just didn't change anything...
  4. Here's a link to a photo of the mixer's underside. The line/mic switch can be seen on the left of the picture.
  5. Nice ! I'll test it out !! Thanks Gareth :)
  6. Stop wasting your time with that solution it will never work well. Just get yourself a
    Zoon h4n:
    I tried forever to get good audio through my Canon 5D2 and 5D3 and it was never good. When I finally H4N everything changed. Was too hard tro sync video and audio in Adobe Premiere until I got Pluraleyes, now I can use both my 5D's my companies IPhone 6 and my personal Samsung Galaxy s5 as video sources and use the zoon to record audio. Pluraleyes syncs it all up super fast and easy even with multiple video sources. Yea!

    The audio imputs on DSLR's suck the only other good option is to get a juicedlink or beachtech
  7. MP is correct in saying that DSLRs' inputs suck. The zoom H4 certainly is one solution but it may not be appropriate in this case. the OP hasn't said what types of microphone(s) are being used. Perhaps several wireless mics and a boom are being employed on a complex shoot. In that case the mixer is essential.

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