Calbe A49 (Agfa Atomal) Capacity

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by david_matuszek, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Hi I bought some Calbe A49 from J and C Photo, because i thought it
    would work great with the Efke 100 I have been experimenting with.
    My question is what's the capacity of the developer? I am pretty
    sure it's not a one shot developer. Any one have any ideas?

    Dave Matuszek
  2. I have tried Calbe A49 with Efke 100 in 35mm but I diluted it 1:1
    as a one shot. Like Atomal FF there is a big loss of speed when
    it is used undiluted. Diluting 1:1 you get better speed, better
    sharpness and still retain remarkably fine grain (must be the
    ppd). If you were intending to reuse the stock solution I would
    expect it to have a capacity similar to that of D76 stock.

    Atomal FF ( before it's discontinuance ) came with a replenisher
    and with replenishment a 5 litre batch would keep going for
  3. I've used A49 quite a bit, and I find it a good developer for EDU and Classic Pan (Forte) type films. I have only used it a few times as a full strength developer. Usually I dilute 1+1, where I think it's at its best, and then it is a one shot. You can go 1+2 also, for better economy, and the results are similar to 1+1. When I used it as a stock solution, I developed five rolls of 35mm 36 exp, and them disposed of it. It should work for about ten rolls per liter this way, but I had no data at the time, and didn't want to take any chances. Try writing to JandC Photo for stock solution capacities, or just use it 1+1 and you'll always know it's fresh.

  4. Hi! You can download the data sheet at


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