Cable release problem with hasselblad 501cm

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by kelly_hicks|1, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. I have a minolta cable release I'm that I'm trying to mate with a
    hasselblad 501cm.

    The problem is that when I activate the cable release the shutter
    doesn't trip. There is a little play in the release button. I know on
    the 500cm's there is a way to lock the release button, but not on the
    501cm. If I hold the shutter release button with my fingers, I can
    stick a pin through the threaded hole and activate the cable pin and
    release the shutter no problem. The cable pin is about half way in the
    shutter release button.

    Is there a way to lock the shutter release button?
    Should the cable pin button be half-way in the shutter release button?
    Is there a way to adjust a cable release so that the pin that protudes
    out is extended?
  2. Are you saying that the inner shaft of your Minolta cable release does not go far enough to release the Hasselblad? If so, maybe try another cable release.

    Or is the diameter of the shaft of the Minolta release too large for the Hasselblad? Again, the solution is to try another cable release.

    Good luck

  3. Yes,I think maybe the shaft from the cable release is not protruding far enough into the the shuter release button to activate the pin. Either that or the pin within the shutter release is not coming out far enough or sticking.
  4. Er - Kelly. Buy another release. They are only like $10 second hand!
  5. You might be able to extend the release pin further out. I did this on a no name cable,don't know about the Minolta.
  6. The best way to stop these problems : <br>
    For Rollei cameras, buy a Rollei cable release, for Pentax cameras, buy a Pentax cable release, and for Hasselblad cameras, buy a Hasselblad cable release. <br>
    The protruding pin inside the cable release has exactly the required length and diameter to trip the shutter into the button of the camera.<br>
  7. Jean-Louise,

    That would be easy if Hasselblad still sold a standard cable release. They haven't offered
    one for years. The only cable release they currently offer is the double release for the shift

  8. I am using three Nikon AR-3 for my two Hasselblad 503CW and one Xpan. They work OK.

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