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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by danny_liao, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. I've just started processing my own c41 with my jobo unit. I love the
    results and haven't had any problems so far. But I have a couple of
    questions for the experience people. 1) How many of you exceed the
    recommend # of rolls to be processed in a, lets say, a Arista Kit?
    It's recommened at max 32 sheets of 4x5. How far can you go without
    replenishing and still maintain good results? 2) Do I always have to
    dispose the bleach when I dispose the developer from the same batch?
    In other words, if I mix a new batch of dev can I use the bleach from
    a previous batch or is it wise to mix new one? Same question for the
    stabilizer. Thanks.
  2. Danny;

    I consider the Jobo drum processor to be a one time developer process. I use a prewet to get the drum up to temperature and to get even wetting, so this dilutes the developer and a drum such as the Jobo aerates the developer. So, I toss it after every run. I use exactly what Jobo recommends, and fill my tank to capacity.

    I keep reusing the bleach with replenishment. Same with the fix and with the stabilizer. If you search my posts you will see the method that I recommend.

    I use Kodak chemistry exclusively, but the Fuji Hunt chemistry is just about identical if not exactly the same.

    Ron Mowrey

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