C-41 Processing in Hanoi, Veitnam - a recommendation

Discussion in 'Travel' started by ben_johnson|3, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. There are many photo labs in Hanoi; I just wanted to share my
    experience with a particularly good one: Photo Phong at 55 P. Ma May
    in the Old Quarter. I recently spent quite a bit of time in Hanoi
    and had a number of rolls of Reala and XP2 processed at this lab.
    The quality of the printing was better than almost any pro lab that
    I can think of in Vancouver. I was actually disappointed that most
    of the film I was shooting included processing back home. The owner,
    Phong, is incredibly nice as well. If you are looking for pro film
    (something other than the ubiquitous Superia, Konica and Gold),
    there's a chance that he'll have some, or order some.

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