By the way, anybody using their Noctilux lately? How?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by rowlett, Oct 9, 2000.

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    With the disappearing daylight (especially in Alaska), I will be taking out the Noctilux more often to catch some available darkness. Although I own the lens, I don't have much experience using it. It's big and heavy so it always takes a back seat to my 50 'cron. How have you been using your Noct. and what kinds of results are you getting?
  2. I love to use noctilux on high contrast situation with light
    sources from horizontal position. Look at , I took those with Noctilux.
    One bad thing that I learn is when I took picture with Noct under neon
    light in Asian Countries, I found some unfavorable brownish lights in
    my color picture.
  3. Jerry, thanks! I remember seeing your site before and your
    photography is really good. Your use of limited depth of field is
    striking. Your photography gives a unique style to the every day
    family photograph. Very "artful" looking. Sure beats typical P&S
    photography w/flash!<p>
    I use primarily TMY at 400 and TMZ at 1600. I want to capture some
    interesting street photography this winter. The last several years
    have seen our city lit up with thousands of white Christmas tree
    lights for a "City of Lights" campaign that our mayor put into place
    in the interests of beautification and safety. Numerous city and
    commercial buildings, private homes, and downtown streets will light
    up the dark days and nights.
  4. Jerry,
    I like both your photography and your website. The design
    (large, aphoristic phrases accompanying a photo montage)
    really reminds me of Marshall McLuhan's books.


    Unfortunately I don't have anything to contribute to the Noctilux
    discussion, but I hope to as soon as my bank account allows :).



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