Buying Nikon Digital SLR D200 from ebay

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by daniel_chow, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Two questions:
    (1) The nikon DSLR D200 came out less than a year ago. like any electronics
    Anyone know so far how reliable is this camera?

    (2) For someone who is on a budget and looking for reliable place to purchase
    this high end camera. Is Ebay a recommendate place to buy from - Is the
    couterfit risk very high and anyone has any "bad" experience going this
    route ?

    Example of some of the ebay dealers: J&K Cameras, digital shopping network...

    Thanks Daniel
  2. If you're on a budget maybe the Nikon D200 is not the camera for you. Are you addicted to Ebay?
  3. I just bought one for a great price from completephoto.usa. It was an eBay auction and the
    camera has a USA warranty. I was somewhat worried about buying through a dealer other
    than Adorama or B&H but everything went well. Check the feedback before you buy from
    anyone on eBay of course.

    BTW, I bought the D200 to replace a D1X as the backup for my D2X and I have been quite
    pleased with the camera. Very nice camera for the money IMO.
  4. Unless there is a valid warranty, with plenty of time left, unless this is not grey market, and
    unless the seller has a long (5 years plus) and a very positive feedback history, I would not
    buy any digital camera on eBay. Not anymore, that is. eBay has, unfortunately, become a
    haunt of crooks of all kinds. That's e eBay's own fault, because they never really took
    serious care of all the complains for swindling, especially complains from from buyers.
    who take all the risks. Now, AFAIC, eBay is doomed.

    That being said the D200 is a very reliable camera. As we speak I am in the process of
    processing some pictures I took this afternoon, under heavily overcast skies, and I keep
    marvelling at how little needs to be done in post-processing to get a technically good
    picture from the D200.
  5. I have almost brand spanking new D200 which I am thinking about selling if you want to buy for $1,650 with a lens.
    I bought it for $1,999 plus tax.
    I only took about 2,000 picture, and is a USA market camera with warrenty still left.
    I have all the original box, plastic wrap and all.
    email me at
    Let me know.
    P.S. If you are in New York, you can see the camera before buying it.

  6. The camera is fine. Ebay, you basically take your chances with no recourse. I've bought camera stuff there before. The above suggestions are good, but really its at your risk.
  7. Cametaauctions at ebay has been blowing out their brand new D200 for $1,399 for a few months now. Why buy (((any))) D200 used when you can get this item brand new with full 1 year nikon warantee and some extra goodies thrown in like 1gb card, ect?

    Their 166,000 positive transactions should make this a cheaper and attractive option for you and you'll get to buy it via ebay as you wish.

    It took me less than 1 minute to find their item #160067916260. If it sells wait a few hours and another buy it now D200 will replace it.

  8. I would also recommend ebay. I recently bought my Nikon 8400 (store demo) and love it. It looks and performs like a brand new camera. If the seller has a good reputation, and you pay with paypal, I don't see any problem at all. Good luck.
  9. The USA price on this camera has dropped to below $1400, and B&H Photo and Adorama are selling it for $1339. Wolf Camera has it for a few dollars more. I would probably not bother buying it on eBay, and I would not buy used unless I got a significant discount.

    As the D200 is extremely difficult to counterfeit, I think your chances of being cheated in this manner are nil.
  10. Remember that Nikon USA warranties are not transferable. So, you only get a warranty if you buy a new or factory refurbished camera from an authorized Nikon dealer. Not all of the dealers on eBay are authorized. Private sellers are not authorized, on or off eBay, so if you buy someone's used D200 (even the one mentioned in this thread) you get no warranty.
  11. Trust is the Word for today. Shop at B&H Photo for all your Photography equipment. They have a great reputation among Professional Photographer's. You may pay a little more money, but you will be satisfied with your purchase. They have Quality Customer Service too. They offer variety of good Payment and shipping choices.

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