Buying my first HOLGA...?

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  1. I've been shooting digital for a year now and I think i'm ready to move on to film. I'll eventually get a nice old SLR, but I want to start with a Holga. Holga CFN 120, from what i've loked is the best choise since it has Bulb mode and Flash. Is that true? and how can I develop film from it? (i have a scanner to scan it)
    also would apressiate a link to a site with good, cheap holgas to buy.
  2. The built in flash is not worthy and way underpowered. Just get the cheapest one without a flash as they all have a B mode. get you a cheap external flash I find them all the time at Goodwill and places. Now is the time for yard sales also. I think Amazon even has Holga branded flashes for like $15.00 this will give you much more reach and coverage.
  3. I wouldn't bother with flash if you want a Holga. Just a plain one, without the built-in flash. Use fast film if you need to, or I suppose you could use a more reliable, more predictable external flash. But really, Holga photography usually isn't the kind of stuff where you would want to use a flash. If it is, you would be better off using any cheap 35 mm camera.
    You develop film the same way as any other film. It's medium format 120 film, so you will need a developing tank with a reel that can take 120 film. Other than that, it's identical to developing any other 35mm or roll film. Or you can just have it developed at a real camera/photo shop, and have them scan it at the same time for a few dollars more. It's a lot less trouble.
    But frankly, I kind of question your choice of moving on to film by using a Holga. I've used Holgas, Dianas and other such cameras. They do what they do, and its an acquired taste, but ultimately, I prefer to have a camera with real focus, real shutter speeds and real apertures to choose from... and a real lens. I have a cheap, plastic 35mm Beirette VSN2 that fulfils those requirements (guess focus), and it has the Carl Zeiss logo on its bottom just for fun. With a Holga, the only variable you have to play with is the ISO speed of the film.
  4. I would get the glass lens 120GN, just more romanticly bad IMO.
    What kind of scanner? If you have one with digitalICE I would consider shooting the fantastic Kodak BW400CN. If you don't have a pro lab that can develop it for you Walmart will do it... just takes a week or so to get your film back.
    ebay was the cheapest everytime i have bought. freestyle and adorama have good prices sometimes.
  5. And if you want some real fun film to shoot in that Holga get a few rolls of Lucky SHD 400.
  6. oh yeah... the built in flash is ugly, don't bother. you can get a little Holga Starblitz flash for like $9... much more fun... or just use a real flash...
  7. I can tell you that if you get the non-flash version, using an external flash in auto mode works quite well. I shot a party with a nikon sb-24 in auto mode, bouncing off walls and ceilings, and the exposures were as good as anything else I've gotten with my holga. and the pics were great, too. here they are:
    the strange texture you see on some of them is from paper lit with flash, which is backlighting the negatives as I take pics of them with my DSLR. dirty but it works, and I like the look anyway.

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