Buying from B&H with the "e-mail me a better price link"

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by daniel flather, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. The title says it all. <P>How can I purchase an item that is priced
    this way and still support If I go to the site (bh) via a link from, then
    have them e-mail the price
    will I still be supporting Or, just go to the site via
    the link buy the item, and
    they will charge me the lower price? I know what the lower price is
    and I'm 99% sure
    they will charge me that price. Any thoughts?
  2. I think if you just ignore that and add the item to your shopping cart after you log in you will get the "better price". Why would they give you a better price than someone else? I think the whole idea is they don't want to post the price on the page for whatever reason.
  3. Hi ya Hal,<P>
    They post this better price crap as it has to do with the agreement between the retailer and
    the supplier, bla-bla,bla. You are probably right with logging in.

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