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  1. Are there any issues buying film over the internet? I am used to the reassurance of seeing it come directly from the fridge in a store but it's obviously more convenient and cheaper to get it from Amazon. Any info/experience gratefully received.
  2. I have to buy all mine over the internet. I am in the U.S.A. and have not had a problem. A member here recently had a problem with what looked like Xray damage. That member lives in Australia.
    I do try to order most of my film in the Winter to avoid hot shipping trucks.
  3. Beware of bait & switch. One of hte "big NYC mail order houses" seems to do "substitution". They depict USA product and ship grey market. I don't know if htere is a significant difference in the film itself or not, but it seems to betray the trust of buyers.
  4. Brian With some films the only way to get them is Gray Market. like Neopan SS. Though watch out for the ones that give you SS and tell you it is Acros as both are the same speed but not the same film.
  5. I've had zero problems buying from from B&H and Adorama. They are probably Kodak's two largest dealers for "still picture" film. (Kodak "Eastman" movie film is mostly sold direct, probably often made to order.) They refrigerate their professional films, but they probably move through the warehouse so fast that it's moot if they do or don't.
    Nothing different on how the film goes from Rochester to their warehouses than how it goes from their warehouses to me. UPS trucks. Also the same way the film used to get to your local camera store.
    Color films aren't nearly as fragile as they used to be.
  6. Yes, Larry. I was only referring to buying a product that is depicted with the USA packaging and not specifically identified as grey market... and then getting grey market. I suppose I share part of the blame by thinking that I was getting a good deal -- USA film at grey market price.
    Other than that, I've had good luck buying film mail order and will likely do it again in the future.
  7. I must say I have to put in a plug for as I have had nothing but great film and communication with them. I am in no way associated with them other than a great and satisfied costumer. Also as they take the time to call you and use your name if there is any problem.
  8. I haven't had any problem ordering film online from either B&H or Freestyle. I do avoid buying film in the summer months. I like to stock up in the Spring and freeze it.
  9. Well Yes we all know about my freezer.... :)
  10. I have been buying film over the internet for quite sometime. They just ship it right out. I suppose if you bought it from a Camera shop the film would have been sent to them in the same trucks and such as to your home. I suppose if you paid for overnight shipping you could get it into the refridgerator faster if you feel it would help out. I do not worry about all that myself. I just buy it and shoot it.
  11. Freestyle has sold me film and I received it with no problems. B&H Photo as well. Also have bought film from the auction site with no issues.
  12. Depending on the film, I use B&H, Adorama, Freestyle and there's always Amazon. Since I'm an Amazon Prime shipping customer, I just look for that tag in the description. Just got a couple bricks of Neopan last week.
    If that stupid Amazon tax law passes I'll need Zoloft...
  13. I order all my bulk rolls in the Winter... :)
  14. Zoloft is not bad if you 1/2 the dosage and then give it to the people you have to work with. :)
  15. I am not in the US but since I came into photography I have only bought my stock of films from internet sources. So far there hasn't been any problems.
  16. I am about to try out OROW Movie film I got a 400 foot roll I think I shall never be upset as I will one way or another to tame any film in B&W... :)
  17. I buy pretty much all my film from B&H Photo or Freestyle Photo. No problems.
  18. Same here: Freestyle or B&H, unless I happen to be in a major city and traveling by car (not commercial aircraft/TSA).
  19. I have bought from B&H and Calumet with no problems. Yet my local shop has sold me grey market film before, which I promptly returned after I noticed just because it p****d me off. I buy from Calumet most of the time because I can get it UPS the next day at no additional charge because they are in Chicago and I am in Indianapolis. When I had the lab I also ordered all of my paper from calumet with no problems.
  20. I have ordered film, paper, and chemicals from Freestyle and Adorama, and film and paper from B&H (B&H had a weird policy about shipping chemicals), all with no problems.
    As other have written, I try not to order in the summer; temperatures in the Califronia Central Valley get up to 100 F. But even the few times I have ordered in the sumer, I have not noticed any problems.
  21. When did Adorma drop as a sponsor here? After all the complaints? :)
  22. In NZL, slide film can cost $25US equiv for a pop, so I import them.
    Haven't had issues myself. I immediately freezed them upon delivery and they are some yrs expired, they are fine. I have not used anything faster than 100 on slides or more than 400 on print film. I also export my slides to the USA for development - b/c they cost $30US for a roll to be developed here and then $7US for mounting.
  23. I always buy unexpired and have had no problems.
  24. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, so I only buy mail-order film in the winter :)
  25. I have had color slide film (which would show problems easily if there were any) shipped UPS ground from B+H, Adorama, and Freestyle for years, during all seasons of the year, with no issues whatsoever. I am in NC where it's almost never over 90 degrees, but I'm sure the trucks get pretty toasty in July. I try not to think about it, as it's never been a factor for me.
  26. A big thankyou to all your input, pretty much all of it reassuring too. It also made me appreciate how easy it is for me living here in London where everything is to hand.
    Am very impressed at others foresight ordering ahead in the winter to avoid the heat - unfortunately we don't really have that problem here in the UK!. Have no idea how I would spot 'grey' goods - would the main language on the packaging be foreign? The only thing I did decide was to buy from a reputable dealer rather than take pot luck with discount Amazon companies who I've never heard of. We don't have B&H here but we do have Calumet so I will probably go with them in the future.
    Thanks again, good to hear from so many like minded people right now.

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