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Discussion in 'Travel' started by donsorsa, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. Hello -

    I'll be in Barcelona next month and have to decide whether to bring 35mm film or buy it
    there. Prices in Chicago: Provia 400 - about 8 Euro. Kodak UC - about 3.50 Euro. Thanks

    As long as I'm asking questions, are photographs/tripods allowed on tours of Gran Teatre
    de Liceu and Palau de la Musica? Thanks.

  2. The dollar/euro exchange rate alone will make film more expensive in Europe, and then you have to pay VAT. Buy enough film in the US to feel comfortable, and then fill in with a few rolls once you arrive.

    Stop by Casanova Foto on Pelai 18 for a nice selection of used cameras, heavy on the medium format. Kowasa Books on Mallorca 235 - a great shop with nothing photography books and an excellent photo gallery upstairs.

    Don't know about tripods.
  3. Don, If you run out of film carrer Pelai (Pelai street) is very centric, just beside Plaza Catalunya, and has a few shops to choose from. Casanova Foto is one of the most professional places in town. They have three stores: the regular photo shop, a pro/studio shop and an antiques/collectibles one. But there are a few others in the same street: Fotoprix, Nivell 10, and Jordi Bas Foto (2 stores in this same street). Another great place is "Foto Arpi" in the Rambla 38, not too far from the Liceo. A four storey shop, very professional, with aconcealed entrance that does not look like a shop at all. Here you get slightly lower places paying cash. BTW. Last time I checked Provia was in the 9-10 euro range. Don't know about the other one. About tripods, I suspect you would need a special permission. I tried las weekend in the cathedral and was told that tripods were not allowed. Flash was OK though and there were many many people taking pictures. I guess tripods look professional(?). Welcome and enjoy! -jl-
  4. Jorn and Jose Luis -

    Thanks very much for your advice on film and camera shops. I lived in Barcelona in the mid-80s but haven't returned since 1990. This trip is very special to me. BCN: Mes que mai

  5. Have fun! I wish I was there now.

    I just noticed that my suggestion on Kowasa should read "nothing BUT photography books." The store is really amazing - floor to ceiling books, many unavailable elsewhere.
  6. Don, you'll find quite a few changes from the mid 80's. Have fun and "benvingut" again, -jl-
  7. kowasa is a pretty expensive bookstore i think.
    I've always been amazed by VIPS on rambla catalunya (15 meters up from placa catalunya).
    it's an almost 24/7 supermarket/restaurant/bookstore.
    always found nice photobooks for cheap there.

    for proffesional development DUPS on gran via 6?? is good. for normal snapshots FNAC at placa catalunya is really good.
  8. Thanks all. I expect to find a city that has many new features - some better, some worse,
    i.e. I liked the old barceloneta - while maintaining the character and people I love.
    Something to look forward to, and show my 15 year old son. I expect him to love the city
    like I do, and with luck we'll live there again!


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