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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by edd_nava, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Hello,
    I am really skeptical about buying used or refurbished items, especially when
    the cost is high. I am looking for my first dslr and back when I worked for
    best buy in 2004 I wanted the 20d. Now its several years later and still want a
    canon dslr.

    So I made my mind to buy it(Canon 40d) a Circuit City with the no interest
    until 2010. But saw a canon 20d on ( type site. for
    a 20d for $500 with less than 1000 shots and all accessories mint condition.

    Bottom line: What do I look for when buying used or checking out the used item?
    Anything I should look for or now just by looking at it and turning it on? I
    never owned a dslr or spent much time with one. Any advice will be great.
  2. I had exactly the same conundrum last month...

  3. IMO I would get the 40D or a new XTi. when it comes to a camera body its like buying a
    computer and I would never buy a used computer. No matter how well you look it over you
    can have a lemon. At least with a new one you have a warranty. I think used lenses are ok but
    its still a gamble but its much easier to check the quality of a lens over a body
  4. Also a 40D or an XTi each have never sensors, larger displays and many other features I
    would take over a 20D.
  5. This is true, the reason I bought the 20d was because i needed a backup and didn't want to/couldn't afford to shell out for another 40d. After holding both in my hands and using both, I would agree, the 40d is streets ahead.
  6. I know what you mean Tommy.
    Thanks for the link Jim. The only lens I have is from my canon rebel 2000 film camera. And the guy is including a 2gb Lexar card. Should I bring my own?
    Anything else you suggest Jim? Geez, this is frustrating when it's my first dslr. I feel safe getting a new 40d, but saving over $500 could get a great lens.
  7. Can't think of anything else to check but don't take that as an exhaustive list. I'd bring your own card just in case his goes missing and you haven't got a card to test with. What lens have you got from the rebel 2000? Remember with the 20d that will in effect have a focal length of 1.6x longer than the equivalent on the rebel 2000.
  8. You can't believe them about the 1,000 shots. It's impossible to tell for use since the camera picks up the number of shots from the most recent card it had in it. Then again, a new shutter is only $250 from Canon Svc.

    But then you're up to $750, for $800 you could get something new XSi or 30D.

    Also, keep in mind that 20D's refurbed for $500 are everywhere. They come up all the time, this is not a special deal. Any real camera store will have them from time to time.
  9. hmm. All I know, is that it's a 28-80 kit lens that came with it.
  10. As Trebor said above its not that special a deal so don't feel pressured to buy now. I have seens 30D's for not much more
    on Craigslist.

    All I can say is try it out and you may get lucky. I sold a Rebel 300D that worked fine so the guy who purchased from me
    got a good deal because I babied it but on the other hand its used and all electronics usually fail in time ( the question is
    how much time )

    On another note if you want a good lens that affordable for that camera check out:

    1. Tamron 28-75 2.8 - around $350
    2. Canon 18-55 IS - I believe around $180 ( make sure not to get the old kit lens you want the newer IS ver )
    3. Canon 50 1.8 - around $75
  11. He's willing t show it to me.
    Does the 40d with 28-135 lens sounds ok for $1363.99?
    I would like to sell that lens and save up for 2.8 lens
    I want that 50mm 1.8 but found it for $85 on adorama. Where is it cheaper? I think I'll end up getting a new 40d and finance it with no interest until 2010 at CC. What kind of filter for that 50mm?
    Thanks again.
  12. "Does the 40d with 28-135 lens sounds ok for $1363.99?"
    That's a reasonable price, Adorama has it new for $1,329.95, so your price is in the "reputable dealer" ballpark.
  13. I have the 20D and it's getting a bit long in the tooth now. The 30D has the updated LCD, RGB Histogram and a few others things in additiona to being a model still solf by Canon. You can get a brand new one at B&H for $799 for full fcatory warranty. I don't think a used 20D for $500 is worth it against that.

    Good luck!
  14. I would go with a different lens. I was not happy with that lens compared to the Tamron 28 -
    75. I had both and I sold the 28-135. IMHO, The Tamron is the best affordable walkaround
  15. I bought mine from B&H and recommend it. Also see if has it. I don't trust Adorama's used cameras from experience. I also wouldn't get the 30D over the 20D unless it's way cheaper- they are rather similar cameras.
  16. My .02 cents: As long as you get a fair price and everything's on the up-and-up and in working order, I wouldn't sweat it as far as the camera failing. Also if you buy it from a reputable dealer they'll let you return it if something's amiss when it arrives.

    It's not that they don't fail... Of course that can happen. But most of the things that are the most likely to fail, i.e. a shutter, aren't terribly expensive to repair.

    Since you mentioned this would be your first DSLR, perhaps you've been a film shooter. The money you'll save on buying and developing film will quickly offset almost any likely repair bill you may encounter.

    I still have a 10D that I bought at least 6 years ago and it's never had a problem. I also have a 20D I bought not long after it was introduced - never a problem. Ironically the most expensive camera I every bought (1Ds2) has had the most problems but Canon fixed everything, under warranty, even after the warranty had expired in my case.

    I'd also agree that, while the 28-135mm IS lens is OK... one can do better. It's hard to go wrong with any Canon 50mm prime and you can always "zoom with your feet". There are some excellent EF-S lenses out now that are a bit more expensive than the 28-135, but you do get what you pay for. Good luck!
  17. "20d for $500"

    Too high.

    They've been going on ebay for $400, and at reputable shops like keh and bhpoto for $540 with a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy.
  18. Thanks,
    But I have decided to buy new. I just can't decide canon xti with grip or a new 30/40d. The grip made the body feel way better. I eventually would like to do sport shooting and wondering if the 2-3.fps is worth the extra $300-$500.
  19. For sports shooting it certainly helps.

    But now you're suddenly looking at the difference between a $540 used 20D with 14-day no-questions-asked return policy, and a $1,150 new 40D.

    What is your real budget?

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