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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by kevin_beretta, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. I am trying to find a new Df, maybe from Japan. There are a few Df options that claim to be new but the prices vary wildly. Is eBay a safe bet from Japan? Am I under the illusion that the Japanese are a bit more honest in dealing this way? The two things I bought from eBay years ago (from the US) were both sub-par from promised.

    The other week there was a screaming deal on a near-new Df in my locale and I hesitated just a tad too long. It only had 4500 exposures and looked brand new.

    Or maybe you have a near-new Df on the shelf collecting dust?
  2. I admit to never having bought camera equipment from Japanese sellers on Ebay, but my experience buying other items has been nothing short of outstanding.

    With that said, my Df came from KEH, and I've been happy with it.
  3. I've always been very happy with my dealings with Japanese eBay sellers, mostly for cameras and video games.

    However, you must keep in mind the import duty that you will likely have to pay (very likely on a high value item such as a camera). This will depend on where you live, but can easily be 20% or more of the combined sale and shipping value.
  4. If you buy new why buy Ebay?
  5. I've had nothing but good experiences buying from Japanese sellers.

    Now, the "but". For older digital cameras and film equipment, the market in Japan is starting to get a bit thin. The best of film, whether 35mm or medium or large formats, has been sold. The Japanese sellers, for the most part, are scrupulously honest. Their "good" condition equipment would be nearly "mint". They illustrate their products very well, so there are few, if any surprises.

    As to import duties, the floor on used camera equipment is $800 value on U.S. imports. However, I've never had to pay anything, and I've bought a great deal of equipment for amounts over $800. It's up to U.S. Customs to assess the import duties, and the import documents are always in a plastic envelope attached to the package.

    As far as servicing, though, you're likely to be out of luck if the equipment wasn't sold in the U.S. originally. Nikon will not touch anything not sold by Nikon, USA.
  6. Sandy Vongries

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    I have bought from Japan several times - never a problem and the equipment 1s always very clean. Look for Free Shipping and Top Rated Plus Vendor. No indication DF prices are coming down, and they aren't making more! I have not had to pay duty either, but I haven't spent anything near $800 on a foreign purchase. An excellent camera and a pleasure to use.
  7. Before I bought the Df in December 2013 I made a prediction if the new price for the Df is ever going to go down. The prediction was that the new price of the Df never goes down up to the time when it's not available any more. So I bought it then. If it were like the D850 or Z7 I would wait until I can get a new one for a lower price regardless how long I have to wait.
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  9. I have bought a number of 'collector and usable' cameras from Japan. In the past (pre COVID-19, that is), mailing was quick and I encountered fewer problems than with most international purchases.
    My experience, with an admittedly smaller sample, is that the ones I've got from Japan have been in exceptionally fine condition.

    I've also bought new lenses directly from Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.) fully aware of the lack of US Warranty (it's called 'self-insurance'). No problems at all.

    In cases like my Canon equipment, when I buy new, not 'pre-owned', I do pay the nowadays slight premium for US warranty, as opposed to gray-market.
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  10. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I may yet pull the trigger on a new one.. I need to figure out how I get it from the US to Canada as I can't access my mailbox in WA these days since the border is closed.
  11. Sandy Vongries

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    You don't say what kind of mailbox - if not USPS, many will forward a package if you are a box holder, formally request it and pay shipping. You can probably arrange a box rental at such a business by mail. Just a thought.
  12. Did you try Aden Camera in Toronto?
  13. ShunCheung

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    There can’t be all that many new Df left. If you want one, I would have a friend buy one from B&H and then figure out how to get that into Canada. It’ll be too late when stock runs out, for good.
  14. Well, the problem is solved. I could have sworn someone from this forum pinged me with the idea to check Aden Camera in Toronto (but I don't see the post anymore?). A quick check on their website showed they still had black and silver ones. A phone call however had it down to one silver kit (with the 50 mm lens). So the kit is on its way to me. Cheaper by a good chunk than B&H and no shipping or border issues. Awaiting new toys ... :)
  15. Sandy Vongries

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    That kit 50 1.8 is quite good, and cosmetically designed to match the style of the DF. Quite often, it is my evening out lens.
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  16. Good to know. For all the lenses I own, I don't have an AF 50 mm of any kind anymore. So it's a handy addition. For the rest, it's the 40 mm f2 Voigtlander and the 50 Zeiss in that range. I'm quite looking forward to this camera. If only I could attach the Di-GPS somehow but I've resolved to have to work without it on that machine. The low light capabilities and the smaller file sizes will be nice as well. My D700 had quite a different flair to the pictures versus the D850 and the few pics I took with a Df many moons ago were very much to my liking.
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    Great there is still some new Df left. Since production has stopped, I can't imagine that supply would last much longer, although most of those who want one (and can afford it) should have gotten it by now. The Df generated incredible hype back in 2013. We had a thread that lasted some 800 or so posts. Must be a record for this forum.
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  18. C$3,295 black or silver from Aden Camera if you’re serious. Special order but possibly in stock knowing Aden.
  19. See earlier. I bought one from Aden. Not what is listed on their site because the site is not up to date. They had a silver kit left which is what I bought.

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