Buying a Mamiya RB 67 on Ebay ?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jon_kobeck|1, May 12, 2010.

  1. I was thinking about getting a Mamiya RB 67 and was looking at one on eBay with a 90mm 3.8 seeker C and 3 backs. It is allegedly
    gotten light use and is in very clean condition.

    What would be a fair price for this?
  2. Ebay is Ebay - look at what other ones are selling for. There's a feature in there somewhere to include recently closed auctions in the search. But check prices on first - Ebay should be cheaper, with Keh you're paying a bit more for a more reliable vendor. Given what you can get on Keh by buying an outfit, or the body with finder, back and lens separately, I wouldn't go over $400 on Ebay.
    BTW it's Sekor not Seeker :)
  3. Log into Ebay.
    Do an advanced seaarch for the item and check the box for 'completed listings'. That will bring up two weeks worth of that Item.
  4. Nice thing about what you can afford and you'll get it for what the OTHER guy thinks it's worth. :)
    Everyone's safe...unless of course two clueless people find the same product.... ;-)
  5. I'd hope the seller has lots and lots of perfect feedback, and that when I asked him questions about the camera, he sounds like he knows what he's talking about. I would probably ask him things I already knew about the camera, but were a bit beyond the "does this thing shoot digital" level to see how familiar he really was with the camera and its operation. If he's got good feedback, and it's obvious he was the user of the camera, then likely his description of it will be accurate.
    Otherwise, I'd look at KEH. Which is where I picked up my extensive RB67 system for well less than $1000. I just bought things in bargain condition, and have picked up four lenses, extension tubes, several backs and other miscellania. If I recall correctly, I got my RB67 Pro-S, 120 back and 127 and 180 lenses from them for under $450 initially.
    It's not been perfect--two of my lenses have been fantastic, and two needed a bit of attention after I acquired them. I could have sent them back to KEH--their return policy is stellar--but as I am living and working in London and pick things up whenever I'm back in the States, I just had them serviced over here for not too much cost. Whenever you buy used high-end gear, you need to be ready to have it CLAed anyway, so I just chalked it up to that.
  6. Check the prices from a reputable dealer like KEH or Ffordes (if you are in the UK / EU), and compare them to the completed listings on Ebay. Unless the Ebay prices are significantly lower, I would go not go for the Ebay solution.
    P.S. When I got my medium format kit (a Bronica ETRS) from Ffordes, it was actually cheaper than the Bronicas offered on Ebay.
  7. If buying on eBay, make sure to use a method of payment that provides buyer protection.
    A seller may have a perfect record. But there is no guarantee that he is who he says he is: accounts do get hijacked and abused by people who only want to get their hands on your money.
    Buying on eBay can give you access to equipment in very good condition for verry little money. Far less than what you would pay in good shops (like KEH).
    Sometimes. It remains a gamble.
    So set what you are willing to pay for something accordingly. Be prepared for the outcome of a gamble not being what you would have hoped it would be.
    And never get involved in a bidding frenzy. Prices on eBay sometimes go up far above what would be sensible. Sometimes even go above what you would have to pay for something new.
    But there are many good deals to be had on eBay. So keep in mind that there is a risk involved, and see what you can find.
  8. In my experience, has provided better prices and better quality all around versus Ebay for medium format gear. I do a quick price check, and immediately buy from Keh. Plus, you know exactly what you're getting!
  9. Very important is to get a RB 67 pro S, it has advantages as the fully enclosed WLF and the clever backs, preventing double exposure.
    S and SD dont make a big difference.
  10. Ok i offered 220 for a buy it now and he agreed. It was only listed for six hours so i think i did ok. Here is the link, have a
  11. If the thing turns out to be in good working condition when it gets to you, i offer my congratulations. Great price for a great camera.
  12. That's a fantastic deal. Great price and certainly refundable if it doesn't work.
  13. With the price of new, old stock Mamiya RB gear anywhere from 50% to just 16% of what it sold to pros ten years ago, I think you are better off buying new. In other words, don't rack up an RB system consisting of gear formerly used by a pro studio who may have used it day in and day out.
  14. I've bought three 120 systems (Mamiya 645 Pro TL, Bronica SQ-Ai, Pentax 67), with lenses and body components bought about equally from eBay and KEH. Lately, though, KEH seems to have the better selection of gear and lower prices than eBay on what I've been watching. So as others have suggested, consider looking to KEH first. And remember that the KEH "EX" grade translates to "Super Mint ++" on the eBay Reality Distortion Grading Scale.
  15. I often turn to KEH when reading that they are cheaper than eBay. But once again, you could not have bought a kit like this from KEH for as little as 220.
    Prices on eBay can (and often do) go too high. But they generally are lower than KEH's, so if you just ignore the silly bidding wars... ;-)
    And that's how it should be too, of course: you take a risk buying form eBay, and the price does reflect that fact.
  16. What does it cost to have a camera and lens liken that one CLA ?
  17. KEH has a handful of brand new Mamiya RB K/L lenses they are listing on their web site and Ebay in "LN" condition. Their website items are less expensive than same item advertised on Ebay in some cases, but it is the same brand new stock.
    Theses mamiya RB lenses are factory brand new, in unopened boxes. I received four of them today in fact: a 90 KL, a 150 SF, 180 KL, and a 250 KL (see photo). Total cost including shipping, $1,100. This is half the cost of what the 250 KL by itself sold brand new years ago.
  18. Having worked in photographic stores for around twenty years buying and part exchanging equipment for the company I know what a minefield it is, for my personal gear I don't buy cameras or lenses I haven't had in my hands tested, and even then allow in the equation the price of a C.L.A in, this way although I have had the majority of my cameras and lenses more than twenty years, all of which I bought second hand, I have never had any problem with any of them.
  19. Makes me very glad I got $2000.00 for my RB67 Pro-S kit in 2002! Had the body, 50mm C, 90mm C, and 180mm C lenses with one 120 back and a WL finder. Also had a strap, a mirror lock up cable release, and shades for all three lenses. I loved that camera, it was solid, and the lenses were tack sharp. Loved using it. Traveled with it (not on an airplane, but in my car). Loved the rotating back and 6x7 format. Won't buy one again though, for portraits the RZ system really is better (one cock of the lens also winds the film). My 1949 Rolleiflex Automat with a Tessar lens is my sole remaining medium format camera. May have to shoot with that this summer...
  20. My camera arrived the other day. It looks very close to mint! I ran a roll of film through it so we will see, but on first appearance it looks very good and everything seems to be working fine.

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