Buying a camera in Boston

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by magnus_berggren, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I will be traveling to Boston later this week (friday) and would
    appreciate recommendations for some good, well-stocked photo stores.

    I am intrested i a Canon 10D, some lenses (24-85, 100 macro and
    300/4), Kenko Pro 300 Teleconverter x1.4 and some other stuff.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Levines -
  3. There are a few options in Boston; however, none as good on price as B&H Photo or Adorama.
    I would suggest Hunt's Photo which is easily accesible by car or from the orange line on the T. Another option would be SBI in Harvard Square. I don't have that web address. Finally, in Cambridge Calumet Photo has an excellent shop and staff.
    Philip Greenspun also has a few suggestions in his Boston photography guide.
  4. Thanks alot for your help! Now I know where to go.
  5. Magnus,
    Do yourself a big favor and please stick to Levines or Calumet in Cambridge unless you want to get screwed on prices and be faced with no stock of the items you want. Hunts is particularly horrible; I ought to know, I've lived less than a mile from them for years.
  6. Magnus,

    Another option is to go out to Newtonville Camera. They're not easily accessible by public transportation, but if you can drive out there, their selection is usually pretty good. Closer to the city, I would add my voice to those recommending Calumet and Levines. Like Sean, I used to live walking distance from Hunt's and would travel into Cambridge/Boston almost everytime I needed something.

    SBI in Harvard Sq. became part of the Hunt's chain a few years ago. Last time I was in there, the selection was pretty thin.

  7. Hunt's usually does have some good sales on various types of film in progress. I don't know about the other ones mentioned.

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