But only if you have one M?

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  1. Dear all,

    I know you guys at Photo.net probably have and use a bunch of Leica gear for
    your antire purpose of photography.

    I'm just curious if you guys have to have ONLY one M body and one lense, which
    M will you posses and what version of such lense. Considering your emotion to
    your gear as well.

    Best shooting :)
  2. I usually have two M's with me when shooting.
    But if only one, M7 and 35 Summilux Asph.
    I find I use this body about 75% of the time in lieu of my M6 and M3 and this lens about 60% of the time.
    I use a 75mm AA for portraits and 90mm AA for telephoto shots.
    My M3 RF lenses 35mm Summicron RF and 135mm 2.8 RF just don't get used anymore.
    Oh yes my 2.8 Elmar M collapsable and Summicron DR never get used anymore.
    Must have Motor M in addition though!-Dick
  3. One body and one lens? - Easy, Zeiss Ikon + Biogon 35/2, best rangefinder combination ever made to date.
  4. I would take the M8 and same lens: 35mm 'lux ASPH. If it were film, I would take the BP M6TTL and matching 35 'cron ASPH. I don't have an M7 anymore, so I can't take it anywhere.
  5. i have only one M and one lens, M6 and 50 Summicron.
  6. Outdoors, MP + 50 Summicron. Indoors, MP + 35 Summicron. Latest versions of both lenses.
  7. SCL


    For many years I relied on my M4 and 35mm Summaron only. Excellent choice.
  8. MP + 35mm Summilux ASPH.
  9. M6TTL + Summicron 35 ASPH. Actually I own three lenses, but this one is used 95% of the time.
  10. CLE and 40mm f2.0 Summicron/Rokkor
  11. MP + 35 Summicron ASPH. Mine is black paint but that doesn't matter, black chrome
    would be fine.

    Although I have other gear, I can't honestly say my work would suffer if I only had access
    to this one camera and one lens. In fact it's kind of liberating to keep things simple and
    have one camera and one lens.

    When I first started in photography, I had some minolta AF stuff. I had a bunch of cheapo
    zooms and accessories. When I decided to go to college for photography and get serious, I
    sold it all and bought a manual Nikon and a 50/1.8 lens. Best gear-related decision I ever
  12. In my Tamrac 5608 i carry on a Leica MP with Summicron DR 50, a Leica M5 with Summaron 35 mm f/ 2.8, a Leica CL with VC Apo Lanthar 90 mm f/ 3.5, a Leica M2 with Nikkor 135 mm f/ 3,5 LTM and a Bessa L with a VC Super Wide Heliar 15 mm f/ 4.5. Also, i carry a Summitar 50 mm f/ 2, a Summicron C 40 mm f/ 2 and a Nikkor LTM 85 mm f/ 2, that i use according to the various situations. Also i have always a Gossen Starlite, a double spirit level, a mechanical cable release and a 345 Manfrotto table top tripod and some filters and lens hoods.
  13. Well I currently have both a late model M2 thats got the M6 style takeup spool and an M6 TTL. I am seriously thinking of selling the M6 as I never use it - the M2 is a much better camera!
  14. Hi, Here's some history on this issue:









    PS. If you type "one body one lens" in the search box, you'll get the above, among other links.

    Best wishes!
  15. M4, 50 Summicron M collapsible -- I'm lying: I got more!
  16. Everywhere I go I carry a Leica and a 35mm lens. I guess I'd stick with that combo. Presently,
    I'm carrying an M6ttl, black and a 35mm f1.4 Summilux-asph. I'm very happy with both of
  17. "Well I currently have both a late model M2 thats got the M6 style takeup spool and an M6 TTL. I am seriously thinking of selling the M6 as I never use it - the M2 is a much better camera!"

    Good God.
  18. jtk


    Canon P and 35/2 Canon. It's a more rugged M2 with better film loading and worse viewfinder.
  19. My choice is the M3 and 50mm Summicron Dual Range (or Rigid) I only shoot B&W and that's a factor.
  20. A strictly single camera/lens ?
    For me M3 + current 50mm 'Cron work best.

    For more relaxed combination: M3 with 50mm 'Cron + M6 Classic with 35mm ASPH 'Cron.

    I just back from my all-day long street shooting in Jerusalem - held the latter combination (both M3 and M6 on me) - worked beautifully.
    M3+50mm 'Cron got most of the job done on streets, while M6+35mm ASPH 'Cron was best in crowded and narrow old arab market.
  21. A Zeiss Ikon rangefinder, with a Leica 35mm f2.0 Cron.
  22. Voigtlander R4M and the 25/f4 P Skopar. Or my M6 and my 28/f1.9 Ultron. Or my Hexar RF
    and my 35/f 2 Ultron. First choice is my R4M.
  23. M8+28mm F2.8 Elmar Asph.
  24. Good God
    Bob, Bob, Bob...
    This sudden need to turn to religion, is about me having modified an M2 or a reaction to my belief that the M2 is better than the M6 :))
  25. Only one? My M6 and 35 Cron ASPH - that's what I use 75% of the time anyway!
  26. M6 classic and cron asph 35/2
  27. M6 and voigtlander 28/3.5.
  28. 35 'cron and M6 if you want a meter, M4 if you don't.
  29. For me, my usual setup is my M6TTL and 35 pre-asph lux. That's what I carry most of the
    time. Yes, I like my M2 and my CLE, but which one gets used the most - that gets my pick.

  30. There's only one real M, the M2.The rest just plassy also rans. Jeez, why have a discussion about such an obvious fact. Even my cat understands.
  31. Now, stop, and have a little think. Look at those beautiful engineered parts, which follow into the cam. Now, think about all those plassy cost saving parts in your lesser M's, which follow into the cam.

    Let's forget about M7/8's just lumps of electronics. MP, hold an M2, need I say more?
  32. Two combinations:>

    1. MP .58 and ZM 35/2

    2. M3 and Summilux 50/1,4

    Two great combinations depending on the situation.
  33. For shooting? RD-1s and 28mm VC Ultron.
  34. M8 and some sort of 35mm lens, maybe a recent Summilux.

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