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  1. Hi all,
    I would very much appreciate your opinion on two versions of business cards I have designed (both very similar in fact...). Please don't hold back, let fire with any and all positive and negative comments you may have. I am not a graphic designer, but this I think is a reasonable attempt by myself - but lets see what you think!
  2. And here is version 2....
  3. i like the whole layout etc, very clean and simple, but I'm not sure if I'm keen on the image you've chosen. It perhaps isn't punchy enough - not really sure. Have you got any other fave images you could use?
  4. I agree with Anna above....I think an alternate image might work better. The floppy jacket sleeve, tilt of the image and intersecting X of the three arms appears a little jumbled and busy to me. I prefer the color over the B&W though.
  5. Thanks Anna and David for your comments! I have whipped up three alternate versions below. Please let me know if we're heading upwards or downwards.....
  6. Version 3....
  7. Version 4....
  8. Version 5....
  9. personally, I would not lowercase the name.
  10. I like the simplicity of the card, the layout is great considering your not a designer. You really need a smokin"image though. An image that wows the holder.....not an image that your neighbor could take or any other photographer for that matter. Once you find an image that exemplifies your style and expertise...print it! The lowercase letters on your name looks great! leave it alone...
  11. Hi David,
    I learned in advertising that people really like faces. People like to see people that could potentially be them. A picture that shows emotion would capture attention and show your skill. And maybe consider a logo to use on cards, website and photo watermarks just to show some continuity so that your website sticks in a bride's mind when she is browsing through different photographers.
  12. David, I would get your wife, girlfriend, sister or female friends to flip through a few wedding magazines and take notice of the photographer ads they gravitate to. I think you will find that the images they love are ones that evoke emotion or a vision of what they would like as a special image on their wedding day.
    This is something along the lines of what Mark is saying. I had an image I used in ads and on my cards and brochures that defined me and my style. It also evoked emotion. Everywhere I went, people would comment about that image... Also, when brides called me for an appointment - they would always mention that image...
    Consider also - putting the text on the back of the card (phone number address etc..) and simply the business name and website on the front letting the image dominate. Just my thoughts.
  13. PS - Number 7 in your wedding slide show on your website is the one that strikes me... It would be great in black and white... which I feel evokes more emotion and mood than color.
  14. Nice clean design, but I agree with showing faces to create a stronger emotional attachment. Also, I would include an address and landline number to add confidence that you are grounded and operate as an above-board business. Apologies if you've removed them for the sake of this post. It was also recommended to me (and I'm sure I've read it here too) to design the card with one side as a light colour which can take a pencil or biro note for any quick on the spot price quote or website password.
  15. Yes I agree, thats what I'd prefer - faces. When I look though sites it's always the ones with peoples faces that I gravitate towards. The posts above are right about the stronger emotional attachment.
    I also like the name in lowercase. looks nice.
    I think I'm going towards a colour image, as the black and white ones perhaps make the whole thing look to grey.
  16. For me its a tie between number 1 & number 5. :) The color image draws my attention w/ the tilt. While the bw looks classic.
  17. Hi David, I really like the simplicity of your designs, I think they all work very well indeed. But have you considered putting an entire image on the front of the card (with your studio name/logo superimposed somewhere at an appropriate size), and your contact details on the reverse? That's what I do with my glossy 7x5 inch cards - I want to make a statement about my photography, first and foremost.
  18. Thank you very much for all of your comments! It is such a help getting other people's opinions as one can sometimes become a little blinkered in one's own view. Anyway, I have taken all the advice on board and will be considering a single image on the front with little text, but for now I've done another version of the examples posted above, using the shot recommended by Mary which I agree is better (funny how I couldn't figure that one out myself....).
    In the examples below, the dress is very bright. Although it is not clipping and there is a clear - but small - gap to the upper edge of the histogram, when I convert the colour space from SRGB to CMYK (as required by the card printer) the histogram does clip on the right edge. I wonder if I should chance it and leave it as is, assuming I go for one of these options, as prints are usually slightly duller in reality compared to my monitor. Although this is the case for printed photographs, so what will happen on a CMYK printer for business cards could be another story...
    Anyway, please let me know if the examples below are an improvement. My personal preference and leading candidate to date is the BE version (V 6):
  19. and the colour version....
  20. I like the design a lot. For whatever reason, none of the images you've attempted to use appear really crisp. I'm not sure how the general public will view that. I understand what you're showing, but not everyone does. Also, what's an event? Will non-photographers know? Is it a Bar-Mitzvah or a company holiday party or a baseball game? Remember, you want people who know nothing to understand....-Aimee
  21. Design is fine. I would add e-mail for sure. A lot of brides plan while they are at work and won't call, but will e-mail. If you are going to use color I would coordinate an image with your signature color of green if at all possible. Envoke emotion with faces and an exciting image.
    If no more changes I would go for 6.
  22. Of the ones you have above I think I like the last version the most. Thought I'd play with flipping the image of the bride so that she's looking into the card rather than out of it. I also liked version #3.
  23. I like version 1 the best. I think a prospective bride will better imagine herself in the photo with the head left out of the photo. I like the dynamic angle and color. Although the blue tuxedo brings to mind my prom tuxedo with the ruffles.
  24. from a (not too snooty) designer's perspective...
    make your name stand out! it is the part you want people to remember the most, so maybe make the whole david bell part a little bigger (maybe the same width as photography). maybe nudge all your type over to the right just a tiny bit, it looks like about its to fall off the left side!
    besides that it looks great!
    as far as the picture goes id try to use something that complements the colors you already have...
    hope this helps!
  25. What a great thread. What good ideas. I'm just an onlooker, but I find this so interesting.
  26. Hi David,
    I like where things are going with the card! And I agree ... this is such a great thread. As for my two cents, I like everything, except the pictures. Not that I don't like your pictures ... just not on the card. The image needs to really speak to people. So, I went to your site to see what I could find and I just fell in love with one of your images. I think most women would LOVE a picture of themselves with their husbands on their wedding day that looks an awful lot like this one. Of course, in order to make it fit, I had to move some things around. Love it or hate it, it's just a suggestion. I would have just written out my suggestions, but it was just faster to mock up an example. Best wishes!- Kate
  27. Version 1 is my favorite, seems to flow well and is in color. Good-luck!
  28. I like your 1st choice, I think it makes your name stand out more, making you want to see more of your work. The other choices you picked I don't like much. The image above by Kate is also nice if you decide for a face, 6,7,8 don't strike me much and if it doesn't strike the bride much, she might just pass you by. Number 1 is my choice.
  29. Why are you bothering with an image on your business card at all? You risk immediately losing a potential client if they do not like the picture shown on the card, whereas URL to your website allows them to see the range of your work. As you can see from the response you've already received, people instantaneously have a response to images, some of which are positive and others negative. I'd propose keeping the business card simple, no picture. My 2 cents.
  30. As they say a picture say a million words. Kate's idea is not bad a bigger image that stands out shows what are you capable of, and in most cases people might or might not call due to your image. Although you're not going to please, nor appeal to every one with a sinlgle picture pick the one that shows your style and it strike emotions.
    On the ohter hand I also like your clean approach. It is simple and elegant. Last thing, for whatever it's worth seems like wedding photography is trending more and more to black and white. So I think I would go that route.
    Make sure you end up sharing your final result.
    Best of luck.
  31. My comments are as follows:
    1. David Bell should be larger than the word 'photography.' The fact that your name is green vs the white font for photography also further diminishes the prominence of your name :)
    2. Change the telephone no. format to +44 (0) 773... As it stands now, someone dialling from a non-UK location, or unfamiliar with the 'syntax' of UK numbers, won't get through. I know because I lived in the UK for a few years ;-)
    3. I like the image Kate selected as it is vivacious and energetic. The challenge may be that it is likely to "pigeonhole" you as a wedding photographer only. Perhaps consider using a composited image.
    4. The 'aspect ratio' of your card seems to me a little wide and perhaps should be 'slimmed down' just a touch. A good way to check would be to cut an actual size paper and see if it fits in a typical wallet or card-holder.
    Luay makes a point that I too grappled with for a while. I do other types of photography than just weddings, so I had to design a card that portrays that. I hope my comments have been of some help... Looking forward to seeing your final version :]
  32. Cards are relatively inexpensive ... my advice would be to do a separate card for Weddings alone ... or Weddings and Portraits. People tend to want specilists not generalists.
    Personally I'm not crazy about the design ... it feels to corporate, not personal enough. I'd make the photo larger, it's what you are selling. The card size seems wrong ... double check what aspect ratio to use.
  33. Hi David,
    Looks like you have a lot of help already on this but there are two things I would consider:
    While your business card is bigger on screen than what it will be when it's printed, I would consider enlarging your font, so that it's not too difficult to read. Reduce the viewing size to the actual print size and see how easy it is to read. You have plenty of copy space to increase your font size (especially your name–consider enlarging it to span the width of 'photography')
    Second, the grey (at least on my screen) feels too heavy for me. Stay with the grey but I would lighten it up considerably. The green would stand out nicely but you would have to change the other font colours to black, or the darker grey you currently have as your background.
    I would agree with a lot of the feedback on the image but wouldn't necessarily think that you need to have a face. For me, a nice detail of the bride's dress or groom's suit would be fine. Or a ring shot. Personally, seeing these details would make me think of my own wedding and its details, whereas a person's face might turn me off completely. You want client's to see themselves in your images, not someone else's.
    If anything, I would lighten up the grey; it doesn't feel very wedding-like (even if it is 18%).
  34. I agree about the font size. Not everyone has perfect vision. I was told once the most important part of a caed is the phone number.
  35. I do some graphic design, and have been in printing for about 10 years.
    The style is good and clean but go with one image not a collage. I would agree on the detail shot, the dress I like but I'd rather see something with a shallow DOF, like the shoe image(ring shots are perfect).
    Another suggestion, try white instead of a dark background.
    You could do a 2 sided card one with a softer feel and a wedding image and another with the darker color for portraits. The cost isn't much more for the second side.
    I would take landscapes off the card unless that is really what you are trying to sell. If you like to shoot them then include them in your port but I wouldn't imagine it would be a big seller.
    Just my 2 cents.
  36. I like version 5 and the one by Kate. I'd keep your name as the only green type. It's a cleaner look and the eye doesn't try to go to two places at the same time.
  37. I like the version 8. It is vibrant sttrsctive and has life in it. Regards ifti
  38. I don't see Version #8 on my screen anymore.............wonder what happened to it?
  39. David, version 8 is still there, I just refreshed the page to confirm.
    Anyway, once again a very BIG thank you to everyone for all of your comments. For those with a bit of staying power, I have now reached a choice of two designs for a single-sided card, and two for a double sided card - the only difference between each type is the image I have chosen. I have taken on board the many useful suggestions and have made the following changes:
    - Larger font, and shifted very slightly to the right. I was concerned about the font being too small on the actual cards using the previous size font. Also, having a very long website name doesn't help in terms of increasing font size as it quickly clashes with the left edge of the image.
    - Made the green font a bit greener/brighter. Will update website to reflect the same.
    - Included email address.
    - Corrected phone number format.
    Here goes, Version 11:
    Anyway, if you can still bear it, please let me know what you think:
  40. Version 12....
  41. Version 13 - double sided....
  42. Finally, Version 14 - double sided....
    It might sound a little obvious, but I intentionally left the right side of the rear of the card solid black. Maybe I could insert an image here, but my "close-to-the-wind" (lack of) graphic design knowledge told me otherwise.
  43. Stretch or enlarge the URL text to make it fill it's frame. Consider removing the "www." Also, capitalize the first letter of each word in the URL, which makes it easier to read.
  44. Version 11 is my fav.
    If you do go double sided, the black space on the back is useless from a functional point of view and the grey will be difficult to write on.
  45. David
    I think the layout works quite well and I like the lower case in your name it is different. I am trying to decide on a new business card myself. The photos you choose just don't seem to work with the layout. You need something more eyecatching.. You got the layout down you just need a better graphic...
  46. Love the picture Kate chose. Stick with that one, IMO.
  47. Definitely version 11 with the reverse side the same light green as your name for notes, etc. I have looked through all the possibilities shown, and it isn't even close in my mind, that photo grabs attention, and your name is a good color and size to grab attention. Placing the extra contact info on the back doesn't make the front bigger, and they may never even think to look at the back for contact info. Making the back side the same green as your name will make the card pop and give it excellent distinction from other cards if someone has a few of them.
    Just my thoughts, excellent post!
  48. version 11 is fabulous!
  49. I would say 13 or 11 - definitely with that image...
  50. I would do double sided with that image but put website on back as well. I actually prefer no image at all. But if you def want it use the man and woman OR the image from version 5. Im a sucker for the detail shots
  51. Go with the one with the three images. Your quick and dirty. It is more visually appealing and keeps the eye on the card.

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